Facebook dismantled a network of accounts promoting Trump from Romania

Facebook démantèle un réseau de comptes promouvant Trump depuis la Roumanie

SAN FRANCISCO | Facebook has dismantled a network of approximately 120 accounts on its network and on its app, Instagram, engaged in an operation for the promotion of the re-election campaign of u.s. president Donald Trump and manipulated from Romania, announced the group Thursday.

The authors of this operation were using fake accounts and made pass for Americans, including fake pages of so-called supporters of the head of State.

This network of accounts posting of content on the campaign, touting the support of the Afro-American for president, the christian beliefs and the movement conspiracy Qanon.

All in all, in July, the two platforms have withdrawn more than 1000 accounts identified as “non-genuine” by their behaviour which is intended to deceive the public as to their intentions or origins.

These coordinated campaigns “manipulate the public debate, for strategic reasons,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, director, regulations on the cybersecurity of the group. “They blurred the boundaries between debate and healthy manipulation”.

The giant of social networks multiplies the efforts to counter the operations of misinformation and interference that are foreign to the approach of the u.s. presidential election.

“We look forward to a pan of the problem which is a challenge for society as a whole. It is increasingly clear that one organization cannot do it all alone,” said the top official of the california-based company.

His remarks echoed those of the head of the group, Mark Zuckerberg, who has repeatedly asked the politicians to consider the limits to be set in terms of content and behaviour are tolerable or not on the digital platforms.

Pages Facebook of the campaign from Romania were followed by 1600 people, and the accounts Instagram by 7200 people.

“We have not found evidence of their motivations, financial or other,” said Nathaniel Gleicher during a press conference.

“They were maybe just trying to build an audience to monetize later”.

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