Facebook have demanded to give up “likes”

In the UK demanded to cancel the “like” button in social networks

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Today, 11:09

У Facebook потребовали отказаться от "лайков"

For likes Facebook can be fined $ 22 million

In the UK the government has proposed new initiatives to improve the safety of children in social networks, including deletion of the “like” button (“like”). The Commissioner for information (ICO) has produced a draft code, which States that such social practices as “likes” in Facebook should be banned for children under 18 years.

У Facebook потребовали отказаться от "лайков"

Children want to protect from the harmful effects of social networking

The fact that “likes” to help advertisers gather information about the user’s preferences. Based on this they set up targeted ads. The regulator fears that such a policy could lead to the spread not intended for children information in social networks, particularly in Facebook and Snapchat. Therefore, the ICO has included “age limit” for “likes” on recommendations on the use of social networks by children. In addition to this item, the recommendations include suggestions to disable location tracking by default for minors. Companies that violate the rules, the ICO offers a fine in the amount of €20 million ($22.6 million).

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“Internet for the new generation already embedded in their daily lives. We must not prevent our children could enjoy its benefits, but we have to demand that they be protected from its harmful effects,” – said the representative of management Elizabeth Denham.

The national society for the prevention of cruelty to children in the UK welcomed the proposed changes, adding that social networking “does not pay enough attention to the safety of children,” which leads to tragic consequences. However, others believe that “draconian” regulations have gone too far, and parents themselves must do more to ensure the safety of their children online.

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We will remind that earlier in Facebook Messenger was allowed to delete messages, but with some limitations. And recently, Facebook was accused of copying useful features from Viber and Telegram.

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