Facebook intends to issue its own cryptocurrency

Facebook намерен выпустить собственную криптовалюту

Social network Facebook is considering creating its own cryptocurrency. This was announced on Friday the American TV channel Cheddar, specializing in news in the financial sector.

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According to its sources, the social network has started to study the technology about a year ago. Then this direction was doing the only employee.

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This week, however, as the channel reports, Facebook has created a team of more than a dozen people, which studies the technology of the blockchain, including mining and cryptocurrency circulation. He headed the division Vice President of social media responsible for the Messenger (“Messenger”), David Marcus. According to Cheddar, the introduction of its cryptocurrency will enable Facebook users to commit to her through electronic payments.

“Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to benefit from the opportunities provided by the technology of the blockchain”, — said the TV channel the representative of the social network. According to him, the newly created “a small team will explore many different directions.” Further comment from Facebook representative refused.

As previously reported “FACTS”, and soon the cryptocurrency may be the only means of payment.

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