Facebook plans to give up Messenger

Developers mobile Facebook plan to merge messenger with the main application

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:26

Facebook планирует отказаться от Messenger

Messenger can return to the main Facebook app

Enthusiasts have discovered in the application code Facebook hints on the rejection of certain messenger in favor of merging them into one app. Traces found in the code developed by Jane Mengjun Wong. Although the social network deny the rumors, reports Cultofmac.

Messenger separated from the app Facebook in 2014, since social network users have to use two separate programs, which also weigh quite a lot. Not all users liked this innovation, and they many times asked representatives of Facebook to regain the ability to communicate in one app.

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The leadership of the social network believes that this kind of solution, by contrast, has one significant advantage – it allows you to chat with your Facebook contacts without having to use resource-intensive host application. But over time, users began to Express the view that it was not necessary. Probably? the developers understand this and are gradually introducing code back to the Facebook Messenger app.

Rumors about this appeared a reason. Facebook recently announced plans to merge the chat, including from applications Instagram and WhatsApp into one General program. Probably in the framework of the merger and Messenger will return to the main application.

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Earlier, Viber has a new feature. In turn, the head of the WhatsApp calls “run away” from Facebook.

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Facebook планирует отказаться от Messenger

Facebook планирует отказаться от Messenger

Facebook планирует отказаться от Messenger


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