Facebook removes a video of Trump judged deceptive on the pandemic

Facebook retire une vidéo de Trump jugée mensongère sur la pandémie

SAN FRANCISCO | Facebook, under pressure from the right as from the left on the moderation policy of the content, hardened the tone with Donald Trump: the social network has removed Wednesday from the page of the president a video that violated its rules on the misinformation surrounding the pandemic COVID-19.

The clip showed the billionaire republican explained in an interview on Fox News that children were “almost completely” immune, by their age, against the new coronavirus.

“This video includes false statements that a certain group of people is not likely to catch the COVID-19, which violates the regulation on misinformation dangerous around the disease”, explained a spokesperson of the platform, joined by AFP.

This is the first time that Facebook censorship directly to Donald Trump.

In July, the platform had added an information note to a publication of the president accusing the vote by correspondence to promote the corruption.

In June, she had withdrawn advertisements from the campaign team of the president with nazi symbols.

As many of the decisions that may raise the ambitions of the president and his party to take retaliatory measures against the social networks, that the republicans accuse him of being biased in favour of the opposition.

The elected democrats and the civil society consider them, that Facebook tolerates too much about false or defamatory statements of the tenant of the White House.

Moderation under voltage

The giant social network has promised to be intractable on certain issues, such as misinformation related to the pandemic or the conduct of democratic elections.

But he has gained a reputation of being lax vis-à-vis political content, because it exempts about elected officials and candidates of its program of verification of the facts and allows ads policy, in the name of freedom of expression, unlike Twitter.

At the end of may, a decision that Facebook has set fire to the powder, when its boss, Mark Zuckerberg, has refused to censor the words of Donald Trump widely interpreted as an incitement to violence against the protesters anti-racism.

Twitter, for its part, had pinned the tweet to the president.

Furious, he had signed a decree threatening to change a law which ensures that the digital platforms a large freedom in the matter of moderation of the content.

His camp has rallied around him.

At a hearing last week Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon to a parliamentary commission on the compliance of the competition law, the elected conservatives, thus, are mainly focused on these issues.

“The “Big Tech” have opened hunting for the conservatives, it is a fact”, has launched Jim Jordan, a close ally of Donald Trump, claiming that the platforms had to reduce the republicans in the silence.

The pressure does not decrease to the left either.

Facebook is the subject of a large boycott advertising on the part of associations and businesses that require a moderation more severe content inciting hatred.

Innocence and immunity

On Wednesday afternoon, during a press conference, the tenant of the White House has reiterated its opinion on the immune system of children in the face of the COVID-19.

“The children manage very well the virus chinese (sic). They may catch it, but the impact on them is small if you look at the numbers in terms of mortality. Young children have an immune system very, very strong,” he insisted.

In the United States, the debate rages on the reopening of schools, as recommended by the u.s. Centers for prevention and disease control (CDC), and strongly defended by Donald Trump.

But the country is still struggling to cope with the pandemic, and some school districts want to continue the distance course.

Young children account for a proportion ultra-minority of hospitalizations for the COVID-19, and the deaths have been very rare until now.

Studies, however, have shown that even if they are less vulnerable than adults, they may catch and transmit the disease.


Twitter banned momentarily to the campaign team of Trump’s tweeter due to misinformation

Twitter has banned the account of the campaign of Donald Trump (@TeamTrump) continue to tweet as long as it does not remove a video in which the president ensures that the children have virtually no risk of getting infected with the new coronavirus.

“The tweet violated the rules of Twitter on misinformation around the COVID-19. The owner of the account must remove the tweet before tweeting again,” said a spokesman for the group in california.

Facebook has removed the video from the page of the head of State.

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