Faced with the difficulties of becoming an owner, the formula of real joint lease is starting to take hold around Montpellier

Faced with the difficulties of becoming an owner, the formula of real joint lease is starting to take hold around Montpellier

Mathieu Massot dirige un groupe, FDI, ambitieux sur l’accession en BRS. Il prévoit, dans les prochaines années, “entre 300 et 400” logements vendus sous dispositif BRS.

Le BRS permet à des personnes ne pouvant pas prétendre à un logement social, mais ne disposant pas de ressources suffisantes pour acheter un logement aux prix du marché actuel, d’accéder à la propriété.

The FDI real estate group laid the first stone of a real estate program like no other in Mauguio on Thursday, June 14. The future Primera real estate complex, which will be completed in the first quarter of 2026, will include 17 individual villas entirely reserved under real solidarity lease (BRS). A recent system, which is beginning to meet with some success.

While this is, for the Montpellier developer, the first BRS property acquisition operation registered in the Communauté de communes de l'Étang de l'or, it nonetheless confirms a trend set to grow.

Prices “between 30% and 40% below the market”

And for good reason: faced with the housing crisis, which excludes a large number of candidates from accessing property, due to a particularly high price level, the BRS appears (almost) like the miracle solution. "With the BRS system, prices are between 30 % and 40 % lower than free market prices", comments Mathieu Massot, general director of FDI.

How do we arrive at such a gap? Quite simply by dissociating land from buildings. In a word, the buyer does not pay for the land, but only for what is built on it. In order to give economic viability to this system, FDI created, in December 2021, its own Solidarity Land Office (OFS), called FDI Solidarity Land. "This status allows our group to be authorized to conclude BRS", specifies its general director.

A solidarity land organization to carry out the project

As a result, the promoter is accelerating on this type of program. "We are going to launch a BRS program in Saint-Clément-de-Rivière including around thirty housing units", confides Philippe Martin, director of FDI Habitat. Another, with 44 housing units, is being planned in Sète. In total, FDI plans, in the coming years, to build "between 300 and 400 housing units" in BRS device.

The scenario of home ownership

The managers of FDI Groupe propose a scenario for accession to the propertyé to illustrate the BRS accession process. They take the example of a “couple with an unborn child, renting a T2 at 850 euros per month”. He earns a total of 3,200 euros per month. As the family grows, he wants to buy a T3. “In free ownership, a T3 of 63 m² costs 325,000 euros. The couple has a contribution of 12,000 euros, but this T3 exceeds their budget by 58,000 euros, with a loan repayment of 1,633 euros per month”. With the acquisition of a BRS home, the result is as follows: “the T3 of 63 m⊃ costs 208,000 euros, plus the fee of 1.50 euros per m⊃ and per month”. In the end, the couple repays "1 026 euros per month, 914 euros reimbursement and 112 euros royalty".

L’OFS is the keystone to the success of the BRS system. It is, in fact, he who "ensures the financial backing of the land", through a long-term loan (around sixty years), thus freeing the purchaser from this heavy burden. "The OFS then makes the buildings available to buyers", we specify at FDI. Purchasers do not purchase on the walls and pay a monthly fee to the organization that owns the land. Its amount is approximately 1 euro per m².

In the metropolis of Montpellier, around a hundred beneficiaries

In the Montpellier metropolis, to date, around a hundred property candidates have benefited from the BRS system. "We are in the process of leading households from the beginning middle class to become owners", welcomes Mahamane Sow, director of the’ OFS Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. By assuming the responsibility of carrying the land for the housing concerned, the metropolitan OFS was able to offer products whose price was "up to 50 % lower of the free market price".

To date, there are 14 BRS programs on sale in the mainland, "of which four are already under construction and four others this summer". With a fee, for new owners, to be paid in an average amount of 1.30 euros per m² and per month, for land. "The majority of households are tenants and have a contribution of between 1 000 and 25 000 euros".

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