Faced with the risks of forest fires, the prefecture leaves it to the responsibility of citizens

Faced with the risks of forest fires, the prefecture leaves it to the responsibility of citizens

The prefecture has launched an awareness plan on forest fires for this summer. -MC

At the heart of the summer period, the Prefecture of Aveyron is launching a new prevention campaign aimed at the general public in the face of the risk of forest fires, 90% of which are of human origin .

To avoid reliving the dramatic summer of 2022, when 2,000 hectares went up in smoke, the Aveyron Prefecture is launching its new awareness campaign against forest fires. It is organized around a triple strategy.

Firstly, prevention, for which the institutional body recalls the legal clearing obligations of municipalities and residents. This work, started last year, is carried out by the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS), the departmental territorial directorate (DDT) and the National Forestry Office (ONF). Strong communication was carried out with the elected officials of the 91 municipalities concerned since all of them were contacted at the end of March for public awareness meetings.

Last year, 255 interventions were counted against forest fires

Concerning the general public, in addition to the visuals which have been put in place, reminding the basics ("a barbecue is lit far from any vegetation", "a cigarette crashes into an ashtray"…), the administration relies on the responsibility and common sense of each person. She recommends consulting the forest weather forecast to better understand the risks.

The second stage concerns detection, to encourage rapid intervention by firefighters. Specialized patrols have been set up in areas deemed the most sensitive. Their main missions will be to deter risky behavior, detect any suspicious smoke and/or extinguish emerging fires, while calling for reinforcements and help if necessary.

Thus for interventions, the Aveyron department will be able to count on 1,500 professional and volunteer firefighters and 350 fire vehicles. As a reminder, in 2023, the Prefecture recorded 255 interventions for vegetation fires, resulting in the loss of 90 hectares.

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