Factchecking: night shot of the starry sky for Huawei P30 Pro

Citrus first, to check whether it is possible to remove starry sky for Huawei P30 Pro, as it was shown in his presentation

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Фактчекинг: ночная съемка звездного неба на смартфон Huawei P30 Pro

During the presentation of the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro on one of the slides showed a fantastic photo of the sky taken with the camera of this phone. Huawei claims that she managed to make a breakthrough in the technology of photography for smartphones and to achieve the impossible — to shoot at night as day. Citrus took to check, whether so it and whether can take a picture of the sky with the camera and get the result as on the presentation. It is no secret that phone manufacturers often use in their advertising and presentation materials of pictures taken with a professional camera to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera phone, which they were not able.

For shooting the chosen location is outside the city, where fewer light sources that affect illumination of the night sky (with minimal “light pollution”). During shooting was used a long shutter speed, which requires setting the smartphone on a tripod. In such cases, for astronomical photography special device is used — astrotracker that adjust the movement of the stars across the sky and slowly moves the camera following the displacement of the stars. For purity of experiment was performed two photo sessions: using astrotracker without it.

Full video is available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOjA7TsYh2Q

The survey was conducted in used by professional photographers RAW format that supports a camera of the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro. After the photo shoot the images were processed into popular among the photographers the app Lightroom. The subject was the milky Way — the most noticeable cluster of bright stars in our night sky.

The results of the survey conducted in non-ideal conditions (at the presentation of Huawei it was about the shooting in the city, and in Namibia, where light pollution is minimal), the imagination. In the picture, obtained by astrotracker, predictable, less digital noise than without it, but the experiment confirms the incredible opportunities of night photography camera of the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro really allows you to make spectacular images of the night sky. The rare case when the manufacturer’s ability really can get when shooting. This not only makes the camera of this smartphone is the best on the market, but also means a real technological breakthrough that guarantees incredible results for buyers and opening up new opportunities in consumer technology.

The verdict of the Citrus the camera of the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro you can trust, it really can make incredible shots, not available to other smartphones.

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