Failure to success in studying at a distance

De l’échec à la réussite en étudiant à distance

With the forced passage to distance education since mid-march, several high school students have turned the back to the school, due to lack of motivation or because of a job that takes too much time. But young people who were failed in mid-march have also done the opposite. They are rolled up sleeves and were able to move their material, despite the challenges in this year-end to be quite exceptional. The Log you present some.

“I never had the intention of letting go “

Adrien Turgeon, a 16 year-old student of the school Boudreau (centre in photo), has continued his studies at a distance during the pandemic. He is seen here accompanied by the guidance counselor Fanny DesChênes and of the director, Josée Tremblay.

The school Boudreau, which houses a majority of raccrocheurs, has managed a tour de force for the pandemic : nearly 80 % of her students have continued their training at a distance, in spite of their difficulties and a school career fraught with pitfalls.

This is particularly the case of Adrien Turgeon, age 16, who attends a program for young people considered to be at high risk of dropping out.

The young man came to the school Boudreau in January, after several therapy for an addiction to video games, and go-back in the youth centre.

Despite the challenges, he continued his studies at a distance, keeping a close relationship and valuable with his teacher of French.

“I never had the intention of letting go,” he says.

Shane is now attending the camp teaching since the beginning of June and he is more motivated than ever.

“I was happy to get back to school. It changes me the ideas and I am more focused for work, ” says the one who dreams of becoming a programmer and start a business in robotics.

No more drop outs

The school Boudreau, often regarded as the school of second chance, 70% of students have an intervention plan. The majority is aged 16 years and over. Several of the students are raccrocheurs who have had a course in school difficult.

However, despite the challenges of the last few months, the pandemic and the closure of the establishment did not have any impact on the dropout rate, be glad the guidance counselor Fanny DesChênes.

“We are thrilled to have the involvement of remote students and the colossal investment of teachers,” she says.

Several teachers have made the hands and feet to reach students and convince them to pursue education at a distance, ” she says.

“It has been a good challenge to start the school year at a distance, but from the time when the message was much more clear that the year was not complete, most of the students set to work “, adds the director, Josée Tremblay.

Registration on the rise

A process of re-registering online for the fall of 2020 has also been set on foot, in order to” attach the more possible the pupil to his school project, ” says Ms. DesChênes.

The initiative gives the results : the school Boudreau is up to 25% of its registrations for the fall, which continues until the start of the year.

A diploma obtained despite a full-time job

Jairo Andres Meza Pallares was able to obtain his degree while working full-time in a restaurant.

Working more than 40 hours per week, Jairo Andres Meza Pallares still managed to graduate fifth secondary, following its course of French and English when he could, in the evening, the night, and even during breaks at work.

Employee in a restaurant who orders take-out, Jairo has seen her hours of work increase with the pandemic. The young man of 20 years is increased from 20 hours to 40 hours per week, and often even more, ” he says.

Enrolled in the school Boudreau, an establishment located in Québec city which caters mainly for raccrocheurs, Jairo was first abandoned his studies during the first weeks of confinement.

But his teachers of French and English don’t let go of a sole. After several calls and e-mails, Jairo understands that graduating from high school is in danger.

Unlike students in the regular high school, the school Boudreau works on a per-session. Jairo began courses of French and English of fifth secondary in January and he needs to complete to get her degree as planned.

“When I understood that it was necessary that I continue, I really wanted to do it. It was complicated because of my job, but I really wanted to spend “, he explains.

Jairo will succeed when even to finish his two courses at a distance. He even made an oral presentation with her teacher, while he was at work, between customers, he says.

Jairo is now assured of obtaining her diploma as a fifth high school, that he wished to obtain at any price. He will continue his studies this fall in a course of vocational training in plumbing-heating.

“I would have been able to let go of the school and to do when even my DEP. But it was my personal goal. I’m really happy “, lance-t-il, a big smile.

A math teacher from ultra is available to a student more concentrated

Elliot Smith had as a bête noire of mathematics. The teenager of 17 years has finally successfully completed his course and received his high school diploma.

A math teacher from ultra-available, better concentration at home and determination : these are the ingredients that have enabled Elliot Smith, 17 years old, to succeed his mathematics, and get his high school diploma.

Mathematics have always been the nemesis of Elliot. In mid-march, when the school closure is ordered because of the pandemic, it is the only matter in which it has failed. However, Elliot must at all costs succeed in order to graduate from the fifth secondary.

“I had a little concern, but I told myself that I was going to pick me up to the third step “, lance-t-il. Elliot was taken back, in effect. But not in the circumstances he had imagined.

At the beginning of April, the young man goes back to the task. Quickly, he realises that he has much more ability to concentrate, alone in his room, than in a classroom with thirty students around him.

“It was going super well at home. Work alone, for me, it works better. The fact of being in the bubble, me personally, I prefer it to be in the classroom, ” says Elliot.

And above all, his math teacher, Gabriel Bouchard, is “super-available” basis. “We could call when we did not understand something or write to him, he responded really quickly. He could even spend up to an hour with us to explain to us, ” says the young man.

“At the normal school, there would not have been able to do that. Even in recovery, there are a lot of students and we sometimes have difficulty asking questions, ” adds Elliot.

“On all students who were failed in mathematics in mid-march, we have been able to escape, and about 50 %,” says Gabriel Bouchard.

Get rid of the anxiety for better success in history

Maïka Rodrigue has managed to catch up in history, as the schools were closed.

By working harder and getting rid of her anxiety, Maïka Rodrigue has completed a successful ascent of “exceptional” in history, as this student of fourth secondary was far from attaining the pass mark in mid-march.

Maïka admit from the outset : with a score of 48 % in the last bulletin, she had “many difficulties” in history. The girl was studying for hours the night before an exam, she often lacked time to finish it or forgot large chunks of the material, under the effect of the stress.

When the schools were closed, Maïka has decided to dive back in its history textbooks and enjoy the many hours that she had in front of her to catch up. It was the only matter in which it was unsuccessful, it was therefore chosen to focus its efforts on the success of this course.

After a discussion with her parents, she adopts a new routine, and spends its before-noon to review the material, while achieving the school work optional that sent him his history teacher, François Arbour, who teaches at the école secondaire Les Etchemins in Lévis. “I wanted to catch me, I have done everything that there was to be done,” she says.

All alone at home, without the time zone set to a quarter of a turn, it becomes easier for the girl to understand the issues surrounding the Second world War or the causes of the quiet Revolution.

“It has made a big difference. I was much less stressed, I could take the time that I wanted to do the reviews and work at home. I felt less in a rush, ” says Maïka.

His teacher describes his journey to ” outstanding “.

The rise “dramatically” by a Quebec adoption

Sara Juanita Prieto Pena, a young Colombian arrived in Quebec a year ago and a half, has made a spectacular comeback in the French language.

Arrival in Quebec a year ago and a half ago, Sara Juanita Prieto Pena has made a comeback “spectacular” in French during the last few weeks, which has allowed him to succeed in his course of third secondary.

“I have language students who do less well than her in class, it is really exceptional as a path,” says her teacher, Marie-Anne Desmarais-Perron.

In mid-march, Sara was 49 % in the executive summary in French regular third secondary, which was already showing a rapid progression for this young woman of colombian origin who did not speak a word of French upon arrival in Quebec. Sara was on a roll, rising from 42 % to 60 % between the first and the second step.

In confinement, the young girl has done absolutely all the work that his teacher had sent, including the optional exercises, without any additional support at home.

“I organized it myself,” she says. I was doing my schedule, who decided each day what I was going to do for the school. “Sara has spent the past weeks working full-time in her books, often up to 19 h every day of the week.

She has done all the work required in other subjects too. “But the more difficult part, for me, it is really the French. I am much improved, ” she says proudly.

His teacher welcomed his side’s determination to master the concepts of grammar or the components of the explanatory text. “She has worked really hard,” says Ms. Desmarais-Perron.

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