Fall return to Duceppe: “Mama” opening

Fall back to school at Duceppe: «Mama» opening


The female camera Mama, by Nathalie Doummar, will open the 50th season at Duceppe.

This is the second play from Duceppe's writing residencies to be presented at the theater of the same name.

In a staging by Marie-Ève ​​Milot, the playwright and actress Nathalie Doummar, who will also play a role in Mama, offers a feminine huis clos, freely inspired by the liveliness of her own family, “where everyone is larger than life”. It highlights the desire for freedom, like the desire to belong to their culture of origin, which somehow coexists in the hearts of Arab migrant women.

In the master bedroom of a bungalow , three generations of women take turns at the bedside of the dying patriarch. Days and nights follow one another while the old man holds on. The women in his life at his bedside gauge each other, confide in each other, challenge each other and also laugh. Together, these sisters, mothers, daughters and cousins ​​will reconnect with the strength of the clan, the sweetness of solidarity and the power of feminine resilience.

The piece Mama will be driven by an impressive cast of 13 actresses, namely Karina Aktouf, Lamia Benhacine, Nicole Doummar, Sharon Ibgui, Ambre Jabrane, Aïda Nader, Wiam Mokhtari, Mireille Naggar, Natalie Tannous, Mireille Tawfik, Leïla Thibeault-Louchem and Élisabeth Sirois, as well as an actor: Igor Ovadis.

Mama is presented at the Jean-Duceppe Theater, Place des Arts, from September 7 to October 8, 2022.