Families without housing at the dawn of the 1st of July

Des familles sans logement à l'aube du 1er juillet

MONTREAL | The housing shortage in Quebec continues and hundreds of families are at risk of ending up on the street the 1st of July, the day of the big move.

In reality, the rental market is well below the balance of 3% is sought for a market in “health”. For example, in the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal, the vacancy rate is equal to 1.5%.

Bastien Gilbert is among those who will find a home soon. By virtue of a decision of the Régie du logement, he will be ousted from her apartment on July 20.

“My research is not easy to do because the prices have increased tremendously, tells the story of the one who dwells in his shelter for the past nine years. My [rent] is a little less than 1200$. I do not find anything to 1200[$] neither on the Plateau nor even elsewhere.”

Mr. Gilbert asserts that the accommodation of a size similar to his rent for about 1600 to 1800$ per month.

“It’s very difficult! So much more than me, I am a victim of a housing recovery by the owners, a judgment of the Régie, which had dragged on until the 8th of June,” he laments.

The authority had previously asked Mr. Gilbert to leave her home on July 1, but he was able to get a deferment due to a health emergency.

“For me, it was still intolerable to imagine that a judge who has taken five months to make its decision does not hesitate to fuck me outside in three weeks. I don’t see a deal like that”, said Bastien Gilbert.

Despite all this, he fears not to be able to relocate by July 20 since the majority of the housing will be rented on the 1st of July came. And even if he finds another place to stay, it will be forced to pay two rents.

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