Family decimated in Beauport: the driver will admit his guilt

Family decimated in Beauport: the driver will recognize his culpability

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After decimating a family while driving on the Dufferin-Montmorency highway when his blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit, Éric Légaré will plead guilty on December 14th. This decision relieves the relatives of the victims, who nevertheless wish an exemplary sentence.

On Thursday, Me Julie Bégin, one of the lawyers representing Légaré, informed Judge Bernard Lemieux of this decision as the 43-year-old man's case returned to court for the eighth time. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

An acknowledgment of guilt offered extremely quickly to alleviate the suffering caused to the families of Shellie Fletcher-Lemieux, 44, James Fletcher, 68, Emma Lemieux, 10, and Jackson Fortin, 14, all of whom died at the aftermath of the accident. & nbsp;

“My client has chosen to admit his guilt because he is aware of the sad actions he has taken and, knowing that it will not erase anything, he hopes that his swift plea will bring some relief to the bereaved families.” , said Me Vincent Montminy, following the appearance of his client. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Little surprised”

In mid-October, while the investigation was held on Légaré's release – release which was refused to him by Judge Alain Morand – the accused heard the evidence held against him by the public prosecutor. & nbsp; & nbsp;

He also saw several videos and watched, like several members of the Fletcher, Lemieux and Fortin families, the images of the fatal accident recorded by the surveillance cameras of the Ministry of Transport. & nbsp ;

The impact was so violent that Judge Morand, at the request of the lawyers, issued an order to prevent the videos from being broadcast. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Attached to phone by The Journal , Jean-Dominic Lemieux, who lost his spouse, his daughter, his lover's boy and her father during the accident, said he was “little surprised” by the announcement swift acknowledgment of guilt. & nbsp;

“The evidence is so overwhelming … and there are so few mitigating factors,” he said at the outset. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Exemplary” sentence

However, for the father of the family, what matters most is that people end up understanding. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“Often, we say to ourselves that at worst, we are going to have a balloon worse to have a thousand piastres fine … but a balloon, when someone dies, it changes a lot more a life “, he said adding” hope “that the sentence possibly imposed on the driver is quite exemplary to discourage anyone from driving while intoxicated. & nbsp;

Recall that, according to the evidence presented in the context of the release investigation, the prosecutor, Me Pierre-Alexandre Bernard, had mentioned that Légaré, on the day of the events, had smoked cannabis and consumed seven glasses of wine and three shooters . & nbsp; & nbsp;

On impact, the “minimum” speed was 130 km/h when he caused death by crossing the road to the small family returning from picking up the children at school. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The victims & nbsp;

Four people were killed in a traffic accident caused by driver Éric Légaré on September 2 on the Dufferin-Montmorency highway in Beauport. From left to right, James Fletcher, Shellie Fletcher-Lemieux, Emma Lemieux and Jackson Fortin.

Famille d & eacute; cim & eacute; e & agrave; Beauport: le chauffard will admit his guilt;

 Family of cim & eacute; e & agrave; Beauport: the driver will admit his guilt;

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