Family idyll Carole and Balan with a baby in her arms showed in networks, photos

Семейную идиллию Кароль и Балана с малышом на руках показали в сети, фото

today, 06:04

In the vast network appeared the frame family idyll famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol with Dan Balan. It is noted that it is only a photoshop, but the fans still love it.

Семейную идиллию Кароль и Балана с малышом на руках показали в сети, фото

Tina and Dan Balan

To date, the romance between singers Tina Karol and Dan Balan is the hottest topic of the show business. Indeed, celebrity couple not once left a hint that there’s something more than just a job. In the soul of every fan hopes that Carole and Balan are together.

So, recently in the Internet appeared the unusual photo of the star couple, which depicted the artists themselves, and Balan sitting small child. As it turned out that only photoshop.

“Duzhe Garni tvorchosti. TNA Carol, Dan the little lad DOMO ukraïnskoï bet Bustout!”, – signed the.

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It should be noted that fans immediately began to Express their point of view on this issue. Many of them sincerely wished that Carole and Balan it happened in this way, as depicted in this touching photo.

“It is evident that Balan fat. 😄”, “I want Tina to find happiness, love big!!!”, “What a beauty, wait!!❤ this❤ on!!!”, “Photo super👍they have in the life of this kid to do. They make a beautiful couple”, “Yaki mil😍😍😍❤ this💋” – he responded to the fans.

Recall that Tina Karol made a Frank admission as to why her beloved Eugene Ogier stopped working on the M1.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Tina Karol has pleased its fans with a new delicate black-and-white photos by the famous photographer – Anya Goncharova.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Tina boasted very gentle in unexpected ways from the archival photo shoot posing among the many exotic butterflies.

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