Family separated by the COVID-19

Famille séparée par la COVID-19

Collateral victims of the pandemic, the mother of a family of Quebec can only see his spouse and father of her little girl of three years, as it is american and can not cross the border. It requests the government to expedite the reunification of families separated by the COVID-19.

Maxime Hokayem met with Deryk Hooker to the summer of 2016, when he played for the Capitals of Quebec. To this union was born the little Felixe Amelia, in the summer of 2017.

The family had planned to make immigration proceedings so that Mr. Hooker came to live in Canada, but the prospect of a job commercial fishing in the high seas has changed the plans.

Famille séparée par la COVID-19

Photo courtoisieDeryk Hooker

“Between its fishing seasons which lasts about four months, he could come see me in Quebec for his leave of absence which lasted nearly two months. That we should have “, she explains.

Mr. Hooker’s party in November last, to fish near New Zealand. He had to find his wife and his daughter at the beginning of the month of April.

However, one of the three members of the crew tried to assassinate the captain of the boat in the beginning of the trip, which delayed the beginning of their terms of fishing, and their return, therefore.

It is finally Monday, that Mr. Hooker arrived in the United States, and his wife would like that he can come and join his family in Quebec.

Less than a month to see

“I called the border services Agency of Canada to find out if my spouse could come by plane to see us and they said no, as it was not canadian nor resident. It is considered as tourism, ” laments she.

The small family has only one month to revise before the father leaves the high seas for four months.

“If the borders are reopened by the next trip, it will come, but nothing allows us to believe that they will re-open to tourism soon,” she continued.

Lack of support

Ms. Hokayem understands that it is necessary to limit the risk, but regrets the lack of support.

“There is no resource for the families separated because of the COVID-19 “, she said.

Last Friday, Ottawa reported to be open to the reunification of families separated by the u.s.-canada border. The Trudeau government is in discussion with the provinces and territories, in order to relax some of the rules and allow parents and children to find.

Ms. Hokayem wishes to accelerate his efforts, including with the canadian consulate, to try to see his spouse before his next trip.

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