Famous actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” spoke about the visits to a therapist

Известная актриса студии «Квартал 95» рассказала о визитах к психотерапевту

Star noted that in that period felt the anger and irritation.

For many years Elena Kravetz is working on a Comedy rooms in the “Evening quarter.” At the same time, despite the tight schedule and his busy schedule has not forgotten the woman and her family.

Elena – actress and mother of many children, so to be always in great shape, she has a lot of work. In one interview, the artist told us how to be in harmony with yourself and your family. This helped the therapist to which she goes for years.

Thanks to the help of the psychologist, the artist was able to regain his former cheerfulness and purposeful attitude. According to Elena Kravets, she goes to a doctor’s appointment. Had to do it due to the fact that she was not only an actress but also worked as an administrator in “95 quarter”.

Elena said that after many years of working in crazy mode, she was npalo to feel that she is suffocating: “there is no buzz from the job, no adrenaline, I’m like suffocating.”

Star noted that in that period felt the anger and irritation, she found it difficult to cope with the flow of tension and a feeling of despondency spread to the family.

In General, the artist thought when you try to go after everything that happened to the specialist, her problems may not be significant. The star said that there was a period of mistrust: the feeling that after she tell about experiences, the therapist will simply refuse to help her. However, Elena knew that she needed to understand themselves and to “understand how to live.”

After a few sessions, Elena Kravets managed to overcome your fear, find “secret doors in the soul, the existence of which she suspected”. Now, the actress notes that she learned to accept it for what it is and to cope with problems without negativity.


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