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Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at the marriage Bureau of new York

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Известная актриса тайно вышла замуж - СМИ

Jennifer Lawrence

That Hollywood actress and star of the blockbuster “X-Men: the Dark Phoenix” Jennifer Lawrence engaged to his boyfrendom, the art dealer Cooke Maroney, became known in February of this year. But the exact date of the wedding ceremony lovers are never called. And recently was spotted at the marriage Bureau in new York.

All details of the upcoming wedding of Jennifer Lawrence see story:

According to the publication PageSix, the ceremony was pretty modest – in the circle of photographer and security guard. In the hands of celebrities were documents that they apparently came to sign to legalize the marriage.

“When you come in for your marriage certificate, and passing you on Jennifer Lawrence to sign. Yes, friends, the town hall is a cool place!” – wrote one of the visitors Bureau on Twitter, but later the post was deleted.

According to the insider edition Entertainment Tonight, the star and her fiance “in love with each other” and was “really inseparable” ever since, how the groom proposed to her!

“Most likely, the ceremony will be held in new York, but this is not the final solution. They keep everything in secret, because of privacy for this pair is very important. They are modest, don’t like unnecessary noise, and therefore want to avoid the pretentious atmosphere that often happens at weddings”, – writes the edition.

Earlier, Jennifer Lawrence had told the truth about the sex with Harvey Weinstein. Also, the actress shared the secrets of harmony and beauty, although she admitted she doesn’t like to makeup.

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Известная актриса тайно вышла замуж - СМИ

Известная актриса тайно вышла замуж - СМИ

Известная актриса тайно вышла замуж - СМИ


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