Famous choreographer Francisco Gomez has admitted that it will stay to live in Ukraine

Известный хореограф Франсиско Гомес признался, останется ли жить в Украине

Francisco Gomez

yesterday, 19:45

In this season of “Dancing with the stars” the most striking judge was Francisco Gomez – its amazing customization were impressed with each issue. After completion of the project known choreographer went back to work in London.

In Ukraine Sisko already lived for a time five years ago when he was a judge of the show “everybody dances!”. Of course, he loved Kiev and Ukrainians.

In an interview with Know.ia Francisco Gomez has admitted that he wants to stay and live in Ukraine, if I had the opportunity to be as involved here.

Известный хореограф Франсиско Гомес признался, останется ли жить в Украине

Francisco Gomez

But now he sees his future in the United States.

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“Just feel that needs to be there, ‘said Sisko. – Sometimes the place attracts you, you meet a lot of kindred souls, all revolves around, form new projects, and you are inspired by all that surrounds you. Sometimes the novel with a city or a country lasts a long, long time. Sometimes, even your life.”

Gomez believes that Americans as a nation more open to new things.

“They catch on quick trends. After all, living in such a multicultural environment, it is much easier to be aware of what is happening in the world. They are influenced by external factors. Also, it seems to me that for ordinary Americans, and for stars in America there are less taboo topics, people feel uninhibited and free to Express themselves,” – said the choreographer.

Известный хореограф Франсиско Гомес признался, останется ли жить в Украине

Francisco Gomez is the judge of Dancing with the stars

According to him, life in Kiev too much.

“During filming, I stayed at the hem, so you can call this district my home in Kiev. If we talk about nightlife, I’m not a very frequent guest in the clubs. And yet, when you go someplace to dance, take heart and rest it in Closer or party in kinopavilonah Dovzhenko. Good music, nice atmosphere and you can meet familiar faces. I think fun must also be able, because life is not all work, as can sometimes seem. You always have to leave a little space in your busy schedule to take a breath, and let go of yourself for a while”, concluded gómez.

Earlier, Francisco Gomez has said that he will never be able to tolerate, despite its positive attitude to everything.

Also known choreographer in an interview with Know.ia told about his attitude to Ukraine.

Previously Know This.ia reported that the judge “Dancing with the stars” Francisco Gomez revealed unexpected details of their personal lives.

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