Famous Hollywood actor compared Meghan Markle with Princess Diana

Знаменитый голливудский актер сравнил Меган Маркл с принцессой Дианой

George Clooney spoke out in defense of the wife of Prince Harry.In the regiment of the defenders of the 37-year-old Megan Markle facing postoyannaye haters, came on its side stood not only 34-year-old husband Prince Harry and fans around the world, but also the famous Hollywood actor, 57-year-old George Clooney.

In a recent interview, he admitted that he is outraged by the negative attitude of the media to Meghan Markle. George even compared path of life of the Duchess of Sussex and the late Princess Diana: according to Clooney, Megan miraculously follows the story of a mother her beloved.

Haters and unscrupulous journalists chasing Megan around everywhere, stalking her and insulting. They don’t care that it is first and foremost a woman and that she is seven months pregnant. The same harassed and insulted at the time, was subjected to Princess Diana. History repeats itself. And we all remember how it all ended,— said Clooney.

Princess Diana, recall, died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, when he tried to escape from the paparazzi along with her lover Dodi al fayeed.

George also admitted that he was upset that Meghan Markle is forced to communicate with their relatives (sister and father) through the media and publicly ask them that they no longer share with the press false information.

Recall that George Clooney and his wife Amal are good friends Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They often hold friendly meetings and visit each other’s homes. George and Amal were even invited nasugbu the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which took place last year.

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