Famous Hollywood actress, the new York city police declared wanted for stealing (photos)

Известную голливудскую актрису полиция Нью-Йорка объявила в розыск за кражу (фото)

Friday, 10 August, the NYPD announced that is looking for a well-known Hollywood actress Sean young who is suspected of stealing two laptops from the store in Queens. The crime was committed at noon on August 9 in the business center of Astoria on 36th Avenue.

A surveillance camera caught young and unknown man broke into the store of Old School, where she is a while were working. Sean, apparently, used the keys that are not returned to owners after dismissal. After this unauthorized visit from the store was missing two laptops and equipment for video editing. The total damage is estimated at 12 thousand dollars.

Известную голливудскую актрису полиция Нью-Йорка объявила в розыск за кражу (фото)

Harrison Ford and Sean young in the cult film “blade Runner”

Sean young 58 years old. The last time she starred in the detective series “Alienist”, which aired in the spring of 2018. There, she had a small role. Glory Yang came in the 80th. It has played a major role in the cult science fiction film “blade Runner”, where her partner was Harrison Ford. In addition, the audience remembered the actress in the films “dune,” “No exit,” “wall street,” “Kiss before dying”, “Once transgressed the law.” Her last notable film role was the player-transgender in the Comedy “ACE Ventura: pet detective” with Jim Carrey.

Известную голливудскую актрису полиция Нью-Йорка объявила в розыск за кражу (фото)

Sean young in the Thriller “No way out”

Sean young was twice treated at a private clinic for alcohol dependence. She was married and she has two sons. The actress got into scandal. Perhaps the most notorious of these was a showdown with a famous actor James woods. Sean and James have lived for some time together. Then woods left from Yang. It has not been able to deal with it. When James made a new friend, Sean, sent them email photos of the dismembered and decapitated bodies. woods sued her in court. He demanded $ 2 million as compensation. The case was settled before litigation. On what terms is not known.

In 1992, Yang tried to get the role of Catwoman in “Batman returns”. She sent the Director Tim Burton your photos in a slinky semi-transparent suit. But Burton gave the role to Michelle Pfeiffer.

In February 2012 Sean was detained by police in Los Angeles. The actress tried to go uninvited to a party after the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”. The guard are not allowed. Yang attacked him with his fists and shouting: “You know who I am?!”

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