Famous Russian actor illegally crossed the border of Ukraine

Actor Andrew Merzlikin denied entry to the territory of Ukraine

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Известный российский актер незаконно пересек границу Украины

Andrey Merzlikin

The entry of well-known Russian actor Andrei Merzlikin on the territory of Ukraine is prohibited. Recently, however, the artist decided to break the ban. Andrey Merzlikin on his page on Instagram published a video which runs through rapeseed field and back. Short video the actor is signed:

“We are in Moldova. The border of Ukraine on the horizon. Entry for me is forbidden (for some reason!), and I decided to seize the moment and try to approach the desire to hug friends from Ukraine!” – signed the actor a short video.

Apparently, Andrey Merzlikin does not understand why he was banned entry to the territory of Ukraine.

Note, crossed whether in fact the border Andrey Merzlikin is not yet known. It is likely that the actor so decided to make a joke. However, if it turns out that Merzlikin really visited on the territory of Ukraine, he faces a fine or imprisonment.

Earlier, the court overturned a ban on entry to Ukraine Fyodor Dobronravov. However, shortly after the new solution Dobronravov performed in the occupied Crimea.

The SBU said the 27-years – see story:

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