Famous TV host gave fans valuable advice

Известная телеведущая дала фанатам ценный совет

Rose al Namri reminded that summer is coming to an endwell-Known TV presenter and former contestant on “the Bachelor” rose al Namri addressed to subscribers with a reminder that summer time ends and you need to do a lot of good deeds, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Storinka

The media personality wrote: “I Urge all the girls to dedicate the heady days of only himself and his pleasures!”.

As an illustration to the post she posted on the page photograph, taken immediately after the procedure massage in one of the Kiev shops.

The celebrity explained that for a long time wanted qualified massage therapist who would be able to compete with Vietnamese Pro and she seems to have succeeded.

Известная телеведущая дала фанатам ценный совет

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