Famous Ukrainian choreographer admitted, what shocked the judges and the show “America’s got talent”

Известный украинский хореограф признался, чем шокировал судей шоу «В Америке есть таланты»

Director and choreographer of the project of STB TV channel Konstantin Tomilchenko became a member of “America’s Got Talent” (“America’s got talent”). Ukrainian team with the number of The Escape (“Escape”) received four “Yes” from the jury of 13 edition of the project and is now preparing to live broadcasts.

Tomilchenko became known for its work on the projects “tantsyuyut VSI!”, “Ukraine has got talent” and “X-factor”. Konstantin — Director of the winning numbers Jamala on “Eurovision 2016″and rooms MELOVIN at “Eurovision-2018”. He is the Director of Ukraine’s first 3D musical “Baron Mjunhgauzen”, amazing 3D show “Vartov of dreams” and multi-genre show “Dim tamica need”, after which, Tomilchenko invited to work with Cirque du Soleil.

In the story “Escape” the main character — Konstantin Tomilchenko is in virtual reality. At first the trip goes smoothly, but after turns into something dangerous. The hero finds himself in different places from the forest to the depths of the sea.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Constantine said, as he got on the project and what you felt standing on the stage show as a participant.

It all started with the fact that we got a tandem of three companies, two of which are technology — said Konstantin. Once we thought that we would make such an interesting genre of multimedia entertainment? I decided to experiment. The first time we met last spring. In my head was the idea of a performance, which I announced to the guys. I admit, at first, work went slowly. The process was difficult and in the result we didn’t believe it. Just then appeared a sporting interest to follow through.

— How did you get on the show “America’s got talent”?

— Yuriy Kostenko and his company two years ago was already working for this project, technically helping one of the participants. The boys had contacts with the producers, they knew that the Americans are always in search of talents around the world. A little more than six months ago, the producers of “got Talent” contacted Jura, wondering if he had something in development. It was for us as a “red light”. We sent to America drafts, they are interested in. We were invited to participate in the casting.

— So, you worked on the room in parallel with the preparation MELOVIN to “Eurovision”?

— At the casting in America we were in March, when preparing for the song contest had just begun. Worldwide projects such as the “Ukraine got talent”, made the same way. Participants come for two or three months to air to the casting, then waiting will continue.

— Where the shooting took place?

In Los Angeles, in Pasadena. Shot in a huge concert hall with thousands for two and a half spectators. On the approach to the hall was a line 300 meters from the contestants. Then everything fell into a huge hall, which recorded the interview, was preparing to go on stage. I admit, after six seasons spent on the Ukrainian “Talents”, I had a feeling of deja vu. I was very interested to see the whole process from the inside. In parallel, it is superimposed on the “sensitive” waiting to see our room. The truth is, I still don’t quite understand where will our idea. But in America, we saw confirmation that we are on the right path. For creative people this is very important.

The jury applauded your room standing!

— Backstage, the show’s producer Simon Cowell has admitted that he is delighted. You know, America is saturated with effects, Hollywood, and surprise her with something difficult. But here we are. Especially on the emotional level.

— You don’t reveal the secrets of how to make a room?

— Unfortunately, we cannot do it. We have signed a contract with the show for two months-disclosure technology. The right of “first night” with them.

— You have passed on in the draft?

— Officially it’s not confirmed yet. The decision will be next week. Yes, the judges told us four “Yes,” but say so much. Then begins a more careful selection of those admitted to the esters. It is a pity that none of the judges it was not possible to press the “gold button” which would automatically give us a “ticket” on the air. It so happened that at the time of our performance each of the judges had already used their only opportunity to “spend” party. But we still work and preparing rooms. According to the rules we will have to show two numbers. So time to lose we have.

— What is the prize at stake?

— I admit, I’m not even interested in. Our achievement is that we got into this project, we showed we are a step away from the live broadcast. I think that is not the American hard to win in this show. Moreover, knowing the whole process from the inside, you know that the audience is very emotional and can bring any story. In General, if I was not engaged in “Talent” may have flattered themselves with the hope to win.

— How did you feel standing on the stage?

— It all happened very quickly. For me it was a moment. I worked the room and went to the judges to communicate. However, said mostly they. Asked where we were from and what that number is. They have different approach to communication with participants.

— We kinder?

— A lot! The Americans — quite an open nation. But they are happy for other people, not really allowing them to yourself. In the distance.

— From what has been made your wolf mask?

We have it in mind. It is made from a special plastic sticks that are sold in DIY stores. We made the first computer-generated 3-Dмодель. Created a paper mockup of my head, then through it — the three-dimensional mask. This is a very interesting technique, every stick I had to glue on clear size. After that, the entire mask is covered with a thin mesh, which gave the volume. It was not heavy. We specifically made it dense and lightweight. She wasn’t supposed to interfere with my movement. What you saw is an ideal option.

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