Famous Ukrainian designer told, what shoes will be in trend this summer (photos)

Известный украинский дизайнер рассказала, какая обувь будет в тренде этим летом (фото)

Summer is coming soon. So, it is necessary to review seasonal items in your closet and update it. This also applies to shoes, because it largely defines our appearance and comfort.

What shoes will be in trend this season, the “FACTS” told by the famous Ukrainian designer Snezhana Nekh, connoisseurs of talent which is Iryna Bilyk, Tina Karol, Andrey Danilko, Olga Sumskaya, Albina dzhanabaeva, Dmitry Kolyadenko and other famous people.

Известный украинский дизайнер рассказала, какая обувь будет в тренде этим летом (фото)

* Snezhana Neh: “the priority of comfort and convenience”

— This summer, the actual bright shoes, — tells Snezhana Neh. – Favorites of the season will be shades of terracotta and red, orange and coral colors. Trending green, mint, turquoise. At the peak of popularity of the so-called color Tiffany (greenish blue). He brings a freshness and elegance. Of importance are silver, gold, bronze. Looks very impressive shoes shade “dark gold”. Of course, every woman must have a pair of shoes in white color — it’s like a little black dress in the wardrobe.

— What color is now in reverse Trendelenburg?

— Today there is no such. Incompatible. For example, red, pink, yellow and orange. Before such a combination was considered inappropriate. Popular and the combination of blue and green colors.

— Fuchsia pink yesterday?

— In past seasons it was so much that it seemed that here-here he is all tired. However, this did not happen. This color is returned.

— What clothes will advise you to combine bright shoes?

— Pick a dress in tone or neutral colors: beige, gray… Well, if the outfit will be the cage or peas the same color as the shoes. The figure on the clothes do not necessarily have a tone on tone to match the color of the Shoe. It can be more vivid. Bright shoes would look great with jeans and a t-shirt.

— Which models are preferable?

— Pay attention to “them out” with a closed heel and open toe massive rounded heel. Stylish girls will love the sandals with delicate kitten heels (5-6 inches). Will continue to be sought-after shoes to go low. Smaller now wearing a wedge heel.

Известный украинский дизайнер рассказала, какая обувь будет в тренде этим летом (фото)

* Very neat bold sandals with small heels.

— Last summer, women are fond of shoes with open heel. It is still relevant?

Yes. These shoes to go low is called a mule, and one on the heel — clogs. The front part is the same. Heel clogs are welcomed with unusual shapes. One side rounded, the other square. Very interesting look clogs with heels of different colors: one brown, the other green, as are the clogs. This unusual asymmetry: one heel can be round, the second square. The lack of symmetry is observed in the figure. The picture on one of Sabo can find the continuation on the other. By the way, Sabo — model is so versatile wear them for all seasons. And the same clogs can be worn in winter and summer. With pants they look like shoes, and short dresses, shorts, Capri — like clogs.

Известный украинский дизайнер рассказала, какая обувь будет в тренде этим летом (фото)

* Clogs with multi-colored heels look very unusual

— What textures are actual in this summer?

Fabric the shoes are beautiful and comfortable. Particularly popular are denim and suede. Trending plastic. All the wicker is also popular. In summer season designers all over the world offering fashionable women shoes and bags of straw. Particularly gladly it decorates the sole. Instead of straps offers a coarse rope in the style of knots. It can be a different thickness. It seems that the shoes tied it to the leg.

— It is interesting.

— Date and style of “sport chic”. This sneakers, which are worn under dresses. They look on his feet like drifts of snow.

— What about the footwear?

Trendy embroidery. Still uses matte and shiny stones. More like beads.

One summer shoes decorated with fur. Now is that appropriate?

— No. Now in Vogue eco style. By the way, shoes from high quality faux leather can often be more expensive than leather. It “breathes” and the quality is not inferior to natural leather.

— What is fashion for men?

— As for the color of summer shoes, the actual dim brown and terracotta. As usual, will be in demand and bright shoes. In trend denim summer shoes. Toe actual tangy. If the heel to bend inward and “to trample”, these shoes can easily transform into a male mule. Remain relevant moccasins and loafers (model shoes without laces). The priority today is comfort and convenience.

Известный украинский дизайнер рассказала, какая обувь будет в тренде этим летом (фото)

* This summer, the popular denim shoes

— What bag do you advise to choose for the summer?

— It can be matched to shoes or clothing. This summer, the bags of straw. It can be both frameless and frame model. Fashion round bag — braided, leather, suede… For the summer nice and small purse — in particular, clutches at the straps. You can carry two bags — large and small. As for color, it varied. Not recommend for summer but a black bag.

— Several seasons, the girls wore summer boots. They are still relevant?

— No.

— What kind of shoes would you recommend to take for the rest of the sea?

— Flip-flops. And the more straps the better. And of course, flip flops.

Some pictures of Snezhana Neh

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