Famous Ukrainian producer disgraced for the 2018 world Cup in Russia

Известный украинский продюсер оскандалился из-за ЧМ-2018 в России

Ex-producer and the former civil husband of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, Yuri Thales was caught in a scandal because of the world Cup. He has published in a Facebook post, which boasted a ticket to the world Cup in Russia, and when he is harshly criticized, removed the post with the photo and called himself a Russian, wrote UNIAN.

“I hate rudeness and boorishness, but separate “friends” it flowed like a river, what, I don’t even know who these people are, their mutual insults are not allowed on this page — this is the main reason for the removal of the post. My position remained unchanged. I was born in the Soviet Union, the Urals, I’m Russian and proud of it! I am a citizen of Ukraine, with dignity and respect for the country and the people living on this wonderful earth, but I hate those who leave and yelling about patriotism”, wrote Thales.

The producer spoke out against the politicization of sports and said that no one can forbid him to watch sporting events, where and when he wants.

“I hate g*Vnukov politicians and deputies with 3-4 passports, robbed the country, telling lies at every turn and dictate to us terms of survival. I hate corrupt*bkov-journalists, judges, police. As a musician I do not accept dictates what to listen to, what and where to sing, how to sing, with whom, and what language! As an athlete I am against the politicization of sport, humiliating requirements to withdraw from the Olympics, world Championships and other competitions… me Why someone shouldn’t be allowed to attend the historic matches or playing football, no matter where and with whom?” — posted by Thales.

In addition, the former producer Lorak called events in Donbass “betrayal and humiliation of the people”, and “profiteering politicians and oligarchs”.

Needless to say that users of the network a similar post very annoyed. The producer reminded about the thousands killed in the Donbas Ukrainians.

Yuri… my best friend died at the front in 2015. Knew four languages, had superrobot (before the war, by the way, in Moscow), he left 4 children and a beautiful wife… And it is not for politicians but for the country, justice is on the side of Good. It is a war of light forces with dark. Just then everyone must decide whose side he’s on, “wrote in the comments by Dmitry Vasiliev.

“I was born in Ukraine under Soviet rule! The fact that Russian weapons are killing my countrymen, is also a historical fact that for me outweighs historical fact of football”outraged in the comments.

harshly criticized for a photo with a Russian award. Users have written many angry comments under a photograph of the singer, noting that she had betrayed the Ukrainian show-business and in addition, faced with a creative crisis.

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