Famous Ukrainian singer hinted at the pregnancy

Natalka Karpa told about the relationship with her husband

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Известная украинская певица намекнула на беременность

Natalka Karpa

Ukrainian singer Natalka Karpa, who previously spoke about the involuntary “Striptease” before the male audience, became a star co-host Gregory Herman in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”.

Find out why Tarabarova hide her pregnancy:

The singer told how her husband took the key to her heart and intrigued by interesting news. The singer also told how her husband Yevgeny Terekhov decided to make an offer, and what methods are used in order to win her heart.

“The first of January we decided that we would start trying to build a relationship, and already on February 14 – Valentine’s Day he got on one knee, took a huge bouquet of roses, a ring, and said, “You are the woman, without which I can’t move on, marry me,” shared Natalka.

Известная украинская певица намекнула на беременность

Natalka Karpa

It turned out, the man had thought through all the nuances and knew how to approach the star.

“He approached this question as a very good psychologist, because he knew exactly where I won’t be able to say “no” – a scene because I’m an artist. And he decided to do it during a huge concert – 5000 spectators in the hall, and everyone just started cheering, shouting: “Bitter!”. Here and try to say “No”! So to this day we joke that he had me cornered,” – said the singer.

But the question Gregory Herman on the completion of the family, the actress reacted very interesting.

Известная украинская певица намекнула на беременность

Natalka Karpa and Gregory Herman

“Oh, those social networks! Yes, I now often write: “Natasha, you better or you can be congratulated?”. But I will say one thing, I believe that the purpose of each women to be a mother. But you know, even the second momentik that happiness loves silence” – says Natalka Karpa on air of TV channel “Ukraine”.

True or not, but Gregory Herman, as a father of two children, Natalka offered their help in selection of diet and the advice of the hospital.

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