Famous Ukrainian singer was in the hospital

Известная украинская певица попала в больницу

Singer Kate Buzhinsky was urgently hospitalized in connection with sharp deterioration of state of health.

Popular Ukrainian singer Katya Buzhinskaya has toured extensively and maintains an active social life. Crazy chart stars no one free minute. As a result, the overwork, stress, lack of healthy sleep and nutrition led to poor health of the actress, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

While on vacation in Greece with family, Buzhinsky felt unwell. Immediately afterwards, she went for an examination in a multidisciplinary medical center medical center, which is located in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. The singer was transferred to the hospital. She was prescribed a course of droppers.

On his official page in Instagram Buzhinsky commented on the situation.

Katya Buzhinskaya about the deteriorating health:

Hi all, that’s what causes the frantic pace of life, stress, overwork, inability to delegate responsibility (this applies to the syndrome of “my mother, who for all experiences”), and a busy tour schedule. Often journalists ask me how I stand? Hard! If someone says other – don’t believe it’s not true. Take care of yourself and your health! Several items which we must say no!

Systematic lack of sleep. Healthy sleep is 7.5-9 hours a day. This is the number of hours a person needs to sleep to cardiac system healthy and nerves strong. Due to lack of sleep we fill in the lack of energy that often and eat more, but still can not cope with tasks at work, which in turn leads to stressful situations.

The constant stress. Given the desire to achieve career heights, a notice in a perpetual rush, the desire to get everything done before the deadline, and as a result, begins to tingle heart. Stressful situations at home, at school, at work, when leans a lot going on, and fierce head reproachfully remarks that you can not handle such situations lead to dangerous illness and emotional burnout. No wonder our grandmothers said that “all illnesses from nerves”. A stressful situation is a recipe for cardiovascular disease.

Physical inactivity, which occurs due to sedentary work and lack of exercise. In the modern rhythm of life movement is getting smaller, and technology, which obscures us from him more and more. Movement of most of the people in the car, switching the TV with the remote, raising the store on foot, and on the escalator or the Elevator. This list could go on and on. That is the 22nd century, in fact, this is the age when we are paying money to have less to move. And what do we get in return? Heart disease, blood vessels, arrhythmia, even in young people.

Frequent consumption of drinks with high caffeine content is the basis for the emergence of heart problems. In the pursuit of improving and successful career we also do not notice how happy and healthy become people who have in one hand a Cup of coffee in the other – a package of pills from the heart. Not exactly a harmonious balance, agree. Coffee and tea you drink during the day, it is recommended to replace the water with lemon and herbal tea.

Известная украинская певица попала в больницу

Известная украинская певица попала в больницу


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