Famous Ukrainian singer will return to the floor of the show “dancing with the stars”

Известная украинская певица вернется на паркет шоу "Танцы со звездами"

The company Yury Gorbunov star on the balcony this time will be four stars.November 11 at 1+1 held the quarterfinals of the project “dancing with the stars” for which the participants prepared two dance numbers.

The main feature of the release will be music couples prepare to dance to live performances of popular artists. On the floor with their hits appear – ALEKSEEV, Sergey Babkin, ONUKA, Tina Karol and Gaitan. The company Yury Gorbunov this time will be four stars.

On the balcony will be leading “Sedanka”: Ruslan Senichkin General Barbir and Egor Gordeev with Neleus Shovkoplyas.

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