Famous Zemfira showed the world a new creature, the fans went crazy with the return of the legend: “Tin”

Знаменитая Земфира показала миру новое творение, фанаты сходят с ума от возвращения легенды: "Жесть"

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today, 23:21

Recently the world famous singer Zemfira for the first time in a long time came on stage and gave fans a few new songs. Did the celebrity at the festival of Russian artists, which was held in Dubai.

As noted, Zemfira has long been never played, and this event is for the fans was a pleasant surprise. “A bit of a bad start, for a long time did not speak, but nice to meet you,” said the singer from the stage. Therefore, the star sang new songs, which is entitled: “Abuse” and “Goodbye”.

Now in the Internet there are no songs in good quality, but the fans managed to make it so to say the “pirate” version of the song “Goodbye”.

Earlier, producer Svetlana Loboda Natella Krapivina, who got involved in a scandal because of the show “heads and tails”, attacked the famous Russian singer Zemfira.

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As reported previously Know.ia, recently Zemfira did a really candid post on his page in Facebook.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote Svetlana Loboda gave a concert in Italy, coming on the scene in a very unusual outfit. The actress tried on a brilliantly candid bodysuit with a deep neckline, high thigh boots and transparent robe, putting on display the chest.

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