Fan attacks Panthers mascot

Fan attacks Panthers mascot


The rivalry pitting the Tampa Bay Lightning against the Florida Panthers appears to have crossed the ice as Monday's game at Sunrise's FLA Live Arena resulted in an unsightly scene in the bleachers.  

During a one-sided game won 7 to 1 by the local team, an amateur encouraging the Lightning attacked the mascot of the Panthers, Viktor E. Ratt. In video footage released by a Twitter account – pantherman2020 – and reported by numerous news media, it is possible to see the individual in question trying to remove the sweater worn by the defenseless mascot. During the altercation, the fan taunted the crowd as he wrapped his arm around the face of his opposite. 

He eventually returned to his seat without any constraint.

The inertia of the arena employees, as well as the apparent absence of police and security officials, caused some to react and the he Florida organization has opened an investigation to determine what to do. However, according to the FOX Sports network, which quoted a spokesperson for the hockey team, the incident was not planned. The person normally working inside the suit was off on Monday, while local police did not receive a complaint about it.