Fans criticized the new husband Nadia Dorofeeva

Фанаты раскритиковали новый снимок мужа Нади Дорофеевой

New photo of Vladimir has caused a mixed reaction in the Network.

Vladimir Dantes shared on the page in Instagram a photo of yourself in the mirror, writes the with reference to

Husband Nadia Dorofeeva starred in a black coat, cropped pants and white sneakers, cost about 800 euros (approximately 23 730 hryvnia – approx. ed.). Singer and showman, signed picture: “Photo style @borodina in her and our favorite store. Spring x*))) P. S my eyes… it’s certainly a thrill)))”.

Fans actively responded to the publication and expressed their opinion about the image and the Vladimir in the comments. Some subscribers have noticed that the man lost a lot of weight, and someone even as a joke, Dantes with Jesus.

Dantes will not forgive: Vlad Yama worked on the face Nadi Dorofeeva wrote that users of the social network under the photo: “pants, the younger brother have?”, “On style”, “Bob, why do you look like a teenager?”, “Damn, lost!”, “Real duty” “What funny and cute”, “Nadia?”, “If in the a**e with the fact that I could marry Dorofeeva,” “I always knew that Dylan in the women’s Department dress”, “Always see you and I want to comb”, “Well, the work took”, “Stylish guy”.

Recall that earlier we published an incredibly beautiful photo shoot of a young mother as the virgin Mary. The distinguishing feature of these pictures is that the woman whose body is decorated with a lot of tattoos, posed naked. As expected, the photos have caused mixed but strong reaction on the Network.

Фанаты раскритиковали новый снимок мужа Нади Дорофеевой


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