Fans of beyoncé suspected her of pregnancy (photo)

Фанаты Бейонсе заподозрили ее в беременности (фото)

Fans of the American singer Beyonce Knowles is confident that she is pregnant. They refer to photos taken at her concert, where you can see the rounded belly, the 36-year-old star. She tries to cover up his long jacket.

Rumors of pregnancy singer caused a social media stir. “Beyonce is definitely pregnant,” they write in the comments. And congratulations to the singer and her husband-rapper Jay-Z, who are now together in a world tour, with the future addition to the family.

The American edition of the Star quoted a “close to the couple source”: “it was a shock that she got pregnant so quickly after the birth of twins, but Beyonce is over the moon with joy.” The singer had to change clothes, which she brought for his tour. Yet the couple allegedly shared the news only with the elected circle of people.

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z married in April 2008. 7 Jan 2012 the pop star gave birth to first child — daughter blue ivy. And on Tuesday, June 12, one year old twins couples — son of Sir and daughter Rumi.

Фанаты Бейонсе заподозрили ее в беременности (фото)

Фанаты Бейонсе заподозрили ее в беременности (фото)

Beyonce and Jay-Z were married ten years ago

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