Fans of Danny DeVito created a petition for it: what are we talking about

Fans of the actor believe that he should play the superhero

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Фанаты Дэнни Де Вито создали петицию за него: о чем речь

Danny DeVito created a petition /

It seems that among cinephiles it became popular to write petitions for their characters or projects. Recently, irate fans of the series “Game of thrones” has opened an online petition demanding full retake of the last season of the series. It was signed by over a million people.

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And now fans of the comedian Danny De Vito decided that he is the one who needs on the role of Wolverine, and created a petition signed by more than 27 thousand people. The petition appeared on the website

“He is the only one who can take the baton from Hugh Jackman. We believe that if Wolverine is destined to appear in kynoselen Marvel, his role needs to fulfill Danny DeVito. It has a couple of good reasons. First, its growth is much closer to the growth of the iconic comic book hero. Secondly, we all saw him in the TV series “always Sunny In Philadelphia” and know that he can fight and is not afraid to get your hands dirty,” wrote the author of the petition.

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At the moment agreed with him more than 27 thousand people. The faith of fans in his idol’s fantastic, given that DeVito was already 74 years. But if Arnold Schwarzenegger (with whom Danny played in the movie “Twins”) can return to the image of the Terminator, why not DeVito could become a Wolverine? It is recognized that in a Comedy sketch it would be appropriate and funny.

Recall, Danny DeVito played a joke on her fan and came to the bar with a cardboard “schoolgirl”.

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