Fans of “Dnepr” and “Metalist” held a joint March in the centre of the Dnieper

Фанати «Дніпра» і «Металіста» провели спільний марш в центрі Дніпра

The March was attended by more than 200 fans

On Saturday, the 11th of August, in the river before the match of the first League of Ukraine “Dnepr-1” – “Metalist 1925” fans “Dnepr” and “Metalist” held a joint March.

From the Dnieper marsh was supported by those who oppose the club “Dnepr-1”.

“The history of our movement has turned a lot of pages full of enmity and hatred. But since then, as we 2014-year side-by-side defended the independence and freedom of Ukraine, began a new history of our relations.

When our main opponents, Kharkiv, have become loyal and trusted friends” – written on the official page of ultras “Dnepr”.

The March was attended by more than 200 fans.

The explosions of firecrackers and loud chants can be heard several blocks from the pier. Passers-by curiously looking move, people looked out of Windows and throwing jobs to look at the source of the noise.

Walking along the main Avenue, more than 200 fans chanted “charges”, sang the Anthem of Ukraine, burning flares and firecrackers exploded.

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