Fans of “Game of thrones” has created an unusual video: video

The death of the 8th season gathered in one video

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Поклонники "Игры престолов" создали необычный ролик: видео

Who died in “Game of thrones”

The cult TV series “Game of thrones” ended, the last series has long gone and the fans decided to make an unusual video.So, on the YouTube channel JellyJugz published sinister half-hour video, which collected all the death of the 8th, the final season of “Game of thrones”.

Details the life of a star of the series “Game of Thrones” Peter Dinklage:

According to the author of the video, it was only those unfortunates who died before the very eyes of the audience. The death of ordinary flawless, northerners, urbanites are behind the scenes.

Thus, it is shown the death of Theon, ser Jorah, Lenny Mormont, King of the Night, Euron and other bad guys and Dobryakov series. The culmination was the murder of Daenerys Jon snow.

Recall, HBO presented a documentary called “game of thrones: the Last patrol” (Game of Thrones: The Last Watch). Also, “Today” decided to collect the most funny and interesting memes which the Internet users are inspired isolation most exciting of teleshi of modernity.

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