Fantastic creatures 2 called the worst in the history of Harry Potter

Фантастических тварей 2 назвали худшими в истории поттерианы

The film was criticized for a lack of originality and plot development. Also the fault of the creators were charged with the use of cliches.

Film Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald called “the worst in the history of the Harry Potter universe”. Critics of many leading publications were dissatisfied with the ribbon. About it writes Yahoo.

Critical of the journalist edition of the Mashable Angie Khan, who said that the tape “looks crude at all levels, from the motivations of the characters to created fantasy world”.

The representative of The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw noted that the tape does not have enough originality and plot development. All the creators “tried to compensate for the large number of new characters who soon introduce the audience astray.”

As for the game johnny Depp in the movie, she also did not satisfy the experts. According to the author of the magazine the Hollywood Reporter, the character Depp “is replete with clichés that the actor has already entered into the habit.”

Earlier it was reported that in the Network appeared the trailer for the cartoon the secret life of Pets 2.


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