Far from the rubble

Loin des décombres

This is after having been a volunteer in a migrant centre that the British Christy Lefteri has felt the need to write this beautiful novel, which tells the story of a couple who had to flee Syria.

There was a time when Ibrahim led a really nice life in Aleppo. Afra took care of their small Sami and painting of the tables, which were always takers, Nuri managing with his cousin Mustafa more than 500 colonies of bees, producing each year, not less than 10 tonnes of honey. But then occurred the civil war, and with it all the usual procession of violence, destruction, injustices, absurdities and dramas wretched. Among which the death of the little Sami, swept away suddenly by an explosion.

It is here that a question arises : when we are parents, how do you overcome such a tragedy ?

Against winds and tides

When opens for us the first chapter of The beekeeper from Aleppo, Nuri and his wife Afra have left Syria since a good time already. They are even at the very last stage of their long and painful odyssey, since they are in a pension decrepit in the south of England. Where they wait with impatience to know if their application for asylum will be accepted or not.

But over the pages, you will also discover the time before that. The one where Sami was still alive, the one where Afra was not yet blind, the one where Nuri had to do everything to convince his wife to leave Syria, and then the one where, finally on the road, the couple Ibrahim has been confronted with the horror of the refugee camps.

A story of love and exile moving.


The happiness of girls

Elizabeth Gilbert, Éditions Calmann-Lévy, 432 pages

At 19 years old, Vivian’s dream anything, except continue his university studies. It will be fast enough given, its examination results are dismal. In the summer of 1940, Vivian will go live to New York with his aunt Peg, who has a show room in the heart of Manhattan. But unable to hold it in place for a long time, it will soon again get into trouble. A delight to read.

Looking for Alice Love

Liane Moriarty, Editions Albin Michel, 568 pages

The Australian Liane Moriarty has always had the knack of making us addicted to her stories from the very first pages. And this one is no exception to the rule as a result of a fall, his heroine, Alice, Love, will wake up with the impression of really being in 1998. A time when his marriage was far from being in terminal phase and in which it was perfectly happy. So what has happened to that in 2008, everything is black ?

The insects of Quebec

Étienne Normandin, Presses de l’université de Montréal, 610 pages

For anyone interested from near or far to the insects, this guide is a true bible. If one seeks to know the name of any bibite, there is only to identify the order (very easy to do with a kind of summary table with color photos) and to look then in the corresponding chapter all the info that relates to them. In less than a minute, it was learned that the insect that had been under the eyes was a Armadillidium vulgare.

Run better 2

Jean-François Harvey, the publishing, 296 pages

By times which run, a lot of people have decided to make the jogging. There is that to look out for as proof ! Following the best-selling book to Run better, which focuses mainly on the basic techniques and body mechanics, this book covers all the rest : how to adapt to the weather conditions, how to bring the workout to another level, how to explore the mental strength, etc is A must for the true lovers of running.

Thrills guaranteed : The day of ashes

Jean-Christophe Grangé, Editions Albin Michel, 368 pages

Last year, with The last hunt, the French writer Jean-Christophe Grangé has risen the commissioner parisian Pierre Niémans. More than 20 years after the release of the crimson Rivers, it was able to find this hero gruff, who, now at the head of a special unit in charge of solving murders in the most twisted of the entire Hexagon, is still ready to hunt down evil wherever it is. Even if he must for it to return to Alsace, a part of the country where he lived and that he hates him cordially.

An oppressive atmosphere

In the valley of Florival, not far from Colmar, a religious community lives apart from the world for almost five centuries. Speaking to a German forgotten by all and producing one of best wines of the region, it is reputed to be eminently non-violent. Yet, it is in a chapel in repair belonging to him, that the body of Samuel, the bishop, who until then ran his masses, will be found. And apparently, his death would have absolutely nothing natural.

Those who have not read a lot of Barns will doubtless appreciate this 15th novel of the author, because we find there all the ingredients with which it is used to mount the sauce. As for the others, well… They will certainly have a good time, but no more.

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