Fashion of stars: the looks you should not miss!

Celeb fashion: the looks you shouldn't miss!


It's been a big week in California, with just a few days to go before the Oscars, many film awards have been presented, including the Film Independent Spirit Awards (FISA), the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), the Costume Designers Guild Awards (CDGA) and the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAGA), plus the Billboard Women in Music Awards. 

While a a certain classicism usually marks the silhouettes of the high mass of cinema, the stars continued to have fun by drawing original pieces from the collections. 

With the theatrical current floating in the air, the codes being rethought and the desire to stand out, it will therefore be very interesting to see what they decide to wear during the ultimate evening of cinema, tomorrow evening.

Until then, here's a rundown of my favorite looks from the past few days. 

Dove Cameron

The designer Jacquemus offers minimalist creations, where color plays a prominent role, which are very popular with the younger generation. Dove Cameron fell in love with this khaki bustier dress, whose asymmetries give the freshness for which the brand is known. 

Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith adds another matching feather and sequin creation to her list. This time, she opted for a peach and gray mini dress from Elie Saab.

Viola Davis

Slid into this lemon yellow Valentino dress With an unusual neckline, Viola Davis is magnificent.  

Taylour Paig

The only detail that annoys me on this silhouette is the visible slip at the waist, a high waisted version would have been more elegant. Otherwise, I love the deconstructed Acne Studio creation that Taylour Paige casually wears.  


Tucked into a Valentino dress embellished pink flowers and accessorized with Bulgari jewelry, Zendaya poses naively and flirtatiously.  

Cate Blanchett

While a black blouse would have been an obvious choice, Cate Blanchett injected even more panache into her signature Balmain look by opting for an ivory scarf-blouse with a triangle print. 

Paul Dano

I have to say it again, men are revisiting red carpet dress codes. Paul Dano opted for a Dior tuxedo paired with a fine wool funnel neck sweater, taking care to pin a brooch to the lapel of his jacket. 

Taylor Russell

Actress Taylor Russell seems literally beribboned in this Loewe architectural creation whose strategically placed satin bands create a loop effect. 

Michelle Yeoh< /h3>

Michelle Yeoh knew how to choose well among the extravagant proposals of the house of Schiaparelli, because some creations transpose less well on the red carpet. The “straw made up of sequins” band enhances this black strapless dress without falling into the caricature.

Angela Bassett

The white feather stole was the perfect addition to rock this suit minimalist outfit from Styland in gala evening attire. Angela Bassett often plays the glamorous card brilliantly!

Sheila Atim

This Christopher John Rogers creation is perfectly in the zeitgeist: the lingerie touch, the proportions, the maxi-volumes, the styling, it's all there. Well done Sheila Atim!