Fashion set: review gaming keyboard Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar offers a budget range of gaming peripherals Cougar Deathfire EX

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Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire Ex – available game set for beginners

In 2019 the price of components came down, especially on video card and SSD, and many gamers rushed to collect the computers or simply to improve (upgrade). Therefore, for the sake of completeness novokamennogo PC, of course, essential to modern gaming peripherals. But usually after Assembly of the tools is not enough and acquire something inexpensive.

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For those who want to save money, but to get their money’s high quality, reliability, and sparkled, Cougar offers a budget option for a replacement mechanical keyboard – a set of gaming peripherals Cougar Deathfire EX. This set is a ready kit for the inexperienced gamer – hybrid mechanical keyboard and mouse with adjustable sensitivity, and both handsets have built-in RGB lighting. The website “Today” received for review, Cougar Deathfire EX and is ready to share with you my impressions about this set.


Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire EX – packaging

The set is Packed in a colourful box under style. On the front side, the manufacturer made pictures of the working periphery with mouse and keyboard is already backlit. Sorry, not used any “window” to evaluate the appearance of the devices in the package.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire EX back has a detailed description

The reverse side contains technical information about the recruitment and also detailed and clear instructions for use 8-state of the backlight for the keyboard and switching in RGB modes for the mouse.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire EX – fully loaded rather modest, nothing “extra” there

The very periphery Packed in polyethylene, protects from dust, but no protection from mechanical damage, so be careful during transportation and when purchasing, check the integrity of the packaging. The truth is no additional “buns”, like interchangeable WASD keycaps, supports or nozzles in the kit was not all modest.


Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire EX at first glance looks like a normal keyboard

Keyboard Cougar Deathfire EX no made in a classic understated style with and without active illumination does not have any outstanding external data. Despite the modest appearance, the keyboard is made in a modern Skeleton design – this design is very popular among manufacturers of gaming peripherals, when the engine key is on the outside, and not hidden in the housing.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Cougar Deathfire EX made under the scheme Skeleton

At the same time Deathfire EX has a small massogabarity, which are now appreciated for their compact size, minimalist style and absence of superfluous decorative elements in the housing.

The keyboard is made entirely of plastic, but with a rough imitation of the substrate under the metal c horizontal texture, and the perimeter – transparent edging with lighting. It is a pity that unlike the Cougar Core EX, EX Deathfire support under the wrist is not provided.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

At Cougar Deathfire EX support under the wrist is not provided

The bottom panel covered with high-quality matte plastic, and the stability lock on the table six rubberized feet. Folding legs also have a rubberized surface and is very durable – it can withstand even a strong hit.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

At Cougar Deathfire EX is no drainage system

In General, the body is good solid build quality, as evidenced by the absence of any backlash and clearances – all elements fit perfectly. As for strength, when typing text, the Central part does not bend, but may be slightly crackled. Of course, in the gaming keyboards I would like to see metal construction, but the plastic proved to be durable, and also had a positive impact on the weight is just 800 grams.

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Of the disadvantages note that Deathfire EX is not, provided a drainage system, so spilled liquid keyboard threat.

Deathfire EX connects to your computer 1.6-metre USB cable with nylon braid. No ribs from bending or ferrite filter no.


The layout is presented in a hybrid version with a digital unit, combining both elements of the American and European layouts. The standard number of keys – 104. Of features note long Shift’s, two-story Enter and short Backspace – the latter often becomes the cause of failures when deleting text.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

The inscriptions on the keys day is very difficult to see, even though they are laser etched

Text printed using laser engraving. But in the daytime, letters and symbols on the keycaps are hardly visible, therefore without light kit can only be done blindly.

Function buttons, like volume and media management are enabled by using the Fn keys like a laptop. The button itself is rarely used the Left Windows button, so that the loss is not felt.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Work with Cougar Deathfire EX best illuminated even during the day

The caps are made in a trapezoidal shape, a convenient size and location with a small distance between them. The buttons are not loose when shaken or pressed, which is found in the more expensive mechanical counterparts.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Key caps are removable, but with a little work

Themselves key caps are removable, though not without difficulty. This feature is necessary for proper cleaning. From the individual advantages noted technology ANTI-GHOSTING, which allows you to record keystrokes from 19 different keys simultaneously. For wired USB keyboards gaming-oriented is very important.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Keys from keyboard hybrid: have easy and high speed, as in “mechanics”, but a quiet level of membrane

As for the set, in contrast to the very light mechanical switches keypads hybrid buttons are firmer and require a press to stops for precise operation – the same principle used in membrane models. The hybrids and mechanical, have great progress and a clear informative feedback. But the most important advantage of the hybrid buttons in their very quiet operation. Disadvantage – not possible to change switches, so switches, so I have to sacrifice.


Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

First impression of the mouse can be deceiving

At first glance, the mouse is no different, but this is misleading. She is a typical 5-button mouse, but it has a number of features. Just behind the scroll wheel is another button, which is responsible for changing modes RGB backlight.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

The surface of the mouse is plastic with no soft-touch

However, the “rodent” is the changing of the operation modes of the switches for them are at the bottom left adjustment switch DPI with four positions (1000, 500, 1500, 2000), right – switch polling frequency in milliseconds (125, 250, 500 and 1000).

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

The DPI switches and the speed sensor at the mechanical mouse and are at the bottom

The surface of the mouse is plastic, but the lack of soft-touch compensates for non-marking matte finish, reliable and girth on the sides provide a rubberized insert. Sensor the rodent optical – ADNS-5050, and switches – OMRON D2FC-F-7N, which have proven their durability and reliability.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

The “rodent” optical sensor ADNS-5050, and switches – OMRON D2FC-F-7N

The body itself is symmetrical, so it will be comfortable for left handed people, right handed. Also note the large Teflon feet on the base for easy sliding on any surface.


Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Illuminations will not leave anyone indifferent

The main feature of the game set, of course, lighting. And it looks impressive. Inside using RGB LEDs, so that it shimmers with a gradient of rainbow colors.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

For switching types of illumination meets the functional FN button in combination with the numbers 1-8 – they provide switching between eight pre-installed lighting. To add or change preset impossible.

Модный набор: обзор игровой клавиатуры Cougar Deathfire Ex

Backlight mouse dual-zone and not less impressive

Moreover, it highlighted not only the key but the edging around the keyboard, which adds additional aesthetic perception.

The mouse also got a RGB backlight – illuminated logo and the substrate. Available 9 modes: multi-colored “breath” and just a static color. Unlike the keyboard, change the backlight level the mouse is not provided.


Set Cougar Deathfire EX is connected without any additional drivers to any operating system macOS, Windows or Linux, and is automatically defined in the system, and then immediately ready for operation. No additional software is not necessary – modes “sewn” inside the keyboard and mouse, and in the “rodent” for regime change optical sensor respond to mechanical switches.

To the keyboard, no complaints have arisen – all of the buttons are pressed clearly and quiet (but louder than the diaphragm models), typing accurate. Though there were concerns about the mouse, because of budget optical sensor, according to rumors, worse laser. But in fact it turned out that the responsiveness is excellent, no failures were observed. But the side mouse button it was possible to make more elastic.


Cougar Deathfire EX is a budget gaming set of mouse and keyboard, so it was not without compromise. Here there is the necessary accessory for gaming functions.

Main in this tandem is a keyboard that tries to be like “mechanics”, both visually and technically, she generally succeeds. But the most nice feature is illumination, which will not leave anyone indifferent, especially because the potential buyer will turn on the backlight in the first place.

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But the mouse in this set is a Supplement rather than an equivalent cost device. It is by far better than any standard mouse, but the equipment is inferior to the professional models.

Overall, the Cougar EX Deathfire inexpensive, high-quality and looks presentable, which is suitable for beginners wishing to change the boring periphery to a more modern, fashionable and with light.


  • Affordable price;
  • Externally pleasant design;
  • RGB back-lit keyboard and mouse;
  • Hybrid movement with quiet keys;
  • Good build quality
  • Omron switches mouse;


  • The lack of drainage;
  • A modest package;
  • Small Back Space key;
  • Budget optical sensor mouse;
  • The inability to change the modes instead of the “sewn” options.

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