Fashion week in Paris: Alan Badoev became the Director of the show LITKOVSKAYA

This is the third joint work of Alan Badoev and Liliya Litkovskaya

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Неделя моды в Париже: Алан Бадоев стал режиссером шоу LITKOVSKAYA

Alan Badoev

September 25, LITKOVSKAYA brand presented a collection spring/summer 2020 at the Paris fashion Week. The show was developed by the Ukrainian Director Alan Badoev.

In Paris, Saint Laurent staged a spectacular show. Details in video:

This is the third collaboration of Alan and Lily: before that, the Director and designer worked on the shows of Laura SS18 and SS19 Blue Rose.

This time the guests of the show became spectators of the performance, revealing the theme of the collection – reflections of the endless circle of life moment-to-moment rebirth, renewal, zeroing in every moment, new beginnings for each of us. To implement the plan helped actress Maria Stopnik she started off the show, literally leaving the water. Her voice led the audience — the girl was reading poems by contemporary Ukrainian poets, until the first model took to the catwalk. Along with the development of the collection grew and the sound, the whisper gave way to music.

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“Bathroom, actress, water is a kind of birth. We begin with the birth of the play, and we end with the birth, but in music. This endless process of life, in every moment we updated. I am extremely pleased that Alan has become part of the story and helped tell it like can’t nobody else,” says Liliya Litkovskaya.

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“The performance of the tactile whisper. This is the task we have set ourselves with Lilya Litkovskaya and her team. For this we brought to Paris the Ukrainian actress Maria Stupnik, who was reading the poetry of Serhiy Zhadan and Yuri Izdryk in the manner of ASMR. I liked the new experience and it was very interesting to observe the guests who have immersed themselves in a trance whispering,” – said Alan Badoev.

We also reported that the designer Kate Silchenko took to the runway of Paris with Hollywood stars.

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