Fashionistas note: select the right look with pants-culottes

What it is possible to combine wide – leg pants fresh ideas

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Модницам на заметку: правильно подбираем look с брюками-кюлотами

Trend spring/summer 2019 – culottes

Tight pants are becoming obsolete, and to replace the outdated trend “came” wide culottes. Many girls fear such a novelty, because one wrong move and you can inadvertently emphasize the inaccuracies of the figure. Fear not, if you correctly assemble the way you will look stunning.

Today.Lifestyle offer options for the most stylish ideas with which to combine trend spring/summer 2019 – culottes.

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Flared legs look good with sneakers, and at low and high platform. For lovers of casual style the culottes can pick up short jacket-leather biker jacket or a jacket of medium length classic style. It is important to remember that culottes in combination with shoes to go low (loafers, sneakers, flip-flops) can afford the exceptionally high girls low rise simply “cut off” a few inches.

But, of course, are the best helpers for the harmonization of the proportions will be the heels and the belt. With stilettos or high platform legs visually extended, and the belt will accentuate the waist and make you slimmer.

Be careful with the decor!

Patch pockets additional inserts are fattening, make the image more rough. If you wish to wear wide pants with pockets, the top should be as simple as possible without unnecessary prints and decor.

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Generally culottes versatile item in your wardrobe! Suitable for office work, social outlets, evening walks and every day. Comfortable and stylish – what more do you need for urban residents, who all day walks around the city. Among current models 2019 – culottes with arrows, stripes and much too high waist.

Check out 16 ideas, what to wear culottes.

Business image: the culottes in a cage with a white shirt and black shoes-lodoksamida: PinterestБордовые culottes with arrows and a leather jacket kouhoupt: PinterestЧерные French knickers in satin with a beige jacket and shoes on high calocitta: PinterestКюлоты khaki with white belts at the waist and the minimum decorate: PinterestБелые culottes with a boxy fit and a black blouse for a long rockauto: PinterestЛетний image: white culottes in combination with sneakers and blue topatoco: PinterestПолосатые culottes with a black t-shirt and sandals, spiletto: PinterestБелые culottes with a high waist and a t-shirt in conphoto: PinterestКрасные culottes with a t-shirt with short pants and white crossoveroffice: PinterestОбраз for summer 2019: dark blue pantaloons, buttoned with a white top and boconoito: PinterestШирокие culottes made of natural fabric with black mylitta: PinterestДжинсовый look: culottes high waist with a shirt and boconoito: PinterestДжинсовые culottes in combination with the long cardigan and brown ramalhoto: PinterestСветлые culottes with a denim jacket and flip flops on the high platformate: PinterestВечерний image: leather culottes at the waist with a white shirt free croatto: PinterestКюлоты variations in costume and white shoes, calocitta: PinterestИзумрудные culottes made of Mac and a white t-shirt with isocompose: Pinterest1/17

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Модницам на заметку: правильно подбираем look с брюками-кюлотами

Модницам на заметку: правильно подбираем look с брюками-кюлотами

Модницам на заметку: правильно подбираем look с брюками-кюлотами


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