Fast and Furious 10 : Vin Diesel wants one last film… in two parts

Fast and Furious 10 : Vin Diesel veut un dernier film... en deux parties

Fast and Furious 10 : Vin Diesel wants one last film… in two parts

Fast and Furious 9 will not come out before may 20, in the cinema, but we already know that it will not be the last film of the saga. Vin Diesel has entrusted it, he has a good plan in mind for the future of the franchise with Fast and Furious 10.

Vin Diesel wants two times more Fast & the Furious

Ah. Vin Diesel clearly has taxes to pay, and the note seems to be salt. While Fast and Furious 9 is still not out in the cinema, the actor took an interview with Total Film to reveal its ambitions for the future : “This universe is so strong, so rich, with lots of talent and intense stories, it is very easy to have a spin-off. And I even think that it is inevitable.”

Until then, nothing abnormal. It is a little further that the situation becomes funny. The interpreter of the Dom then assured to be a generous man and think of others first of all, “it would be cool that the world continues for new generations“. Thus, in order to thank the public for being so faithful to the saga original for so many years, he had a brilliant idea : “I had started to plan Fast 10 before we even first started the filming of Fast 9. (…) It would be cool to give back to Universal and to the fans, after all they have invested, cutting Fast 10 into two parts in order to conclude the franchise“.

Fast & Money

Yes, while the history of Fast and Furious has never been the most important element of the movies – there are just to watch the trailer of Fast 9, to understand that consistency does not exist in this world for the benefit of the show, Vin Diesel is certain that only a 2 hours Fast 10 will never be sufficient to conclude the saga.

Not serious, it will be twice as much fun at the cinema ? Yes. But it will be two times more entries at the box office and therefore twice as much money in the pocket of Vin Diesel. Hide the greed behind an apparent generosity, it is even more ugly that the Marcel of Dom !

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