Fast and Furious 9 : Brian (Paul Walker) return to the cinema ? It’s confirmed

Fast and Furious 9 : Brian (Paul Walker) de retour au cinéma ? Ça se confirme

Fast and Furious 9 : Brian (Paul Walker) return to the cinema ? It’s confirmed

No rest even for the dead. Who died in 2013 as a result of a road accident, Paul Walker could soon make his return to the cinema. After the crazy rumor of the moment, Brian – his character, should appear in Fast and Furious 9.

Paul Walker return to the film

And the rumor the more creepy of the week comes to us straight from the USA and relates to the casting of Fast & Furious 9, for which shooting has just ended. At the beginning of the month of November, the journalist Daniel Richtman announced on Twitter : “I just learned a info casting for a film and with it a huge info, that is for sure, going to be the controversy. I don’t know how I should react to that, we’ll see“.

This week, still on her social networks, Richtman put an end to the suspense by declaring : “They will bring back Brian, the character of Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 9“. You read that correctly, even that the actor is deceased as of 2013, this should not prevent producers to return to the screen in order to create the buzz in may 2020 and play on the emotion of the fans. It is necessary to believe that to write an original story it was too complicated.

Reasons to believe

So be careful, it is still information to be taken with a grain of salt. At the present time, neither Justin Lin (the director), or Vin Diesel (Dom), nor Universal Pictures have not yet responded. Nevertheless, this revelation is not a surprise. First, it has been confirmed, Jordana Brewster – who embodies Mia Toretto aka wife of Brian, will be back in the story.

Secondly, Vin Diesel has recently teasé the coming of one of the brothers of Paul Walker on the set. Now, we know that, in order to provide a beautiful end to Brian in Fast & the Furious 7, the director had already used the body of one of his brothers to allow teams of special effects of bring it back to life digitally. To say that they will repeat the operation for this new episode…

Obviously, americans do not seem to be fans of the concept of “Rest in peace”.

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