Fast and Furious 9 postponed because of the sars Coronavirus ? Vin Diesel refuses and… wants to go to China

Fast and Furious 9 repoussé à cause du Coronavirus ? Vin Diesel refuse et... veut aller en Chine

Fast and Furious 9 postponed because of the sars Coronavirus ? Vin Diesel refuses and… wants to go to China

If there’s a person on Earth who is not afraid of the Coronavirus at the present time, it is Vin Diesel. The actor said he has no intention of pushing the outputs of his films Bloodshot and Fast and Furious 9. On the contrary, he is even willing to go to China to meet his fans and give back the smile to the world !

Fast and Furious vs the Coronavirus

In the cinematographic saga Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel spends his time thwarting the laws of gravity and logic in order to put full the eyes of the public. Suffice to say that the current global epidemic of Coronavirus is not at all afraid to be the man with the Marcel. While many films have their release date in cinemas to be postponed to a later time, not to suffer a failure at the box-office, the interpreter of the Dom is in balek totally.

When asked about the future of Fast 9, expected on may 20, the movies, the actor simply stated : “I don reprocherai to someone to say “You are stupid to release a film now’. But we need films today, even more than before. We are already in a period where cinema and the cinema experience are threatened. So yes, write it well, it will be present [in may !]

Vin Diesel wants to meet the public

And obviously, the reverse of his colleagues in Hollywood, the actor is in mode yolo when it comes to the coronavirus. Where many cities are currently placed in quarantine, he does not dream of only one thing : a walkabout, “I like to be present for the public and the fans because they have always been there for me. I’m crazy, I plead with Sony [which produces her other film Bloodshot, editor’s note] to let me go to China, even now. You should see their heads, they say to me, ‘You go alone my friend !’

However, Vin Diesel assured him, pushing back the release of movies and their promo would be the worst possible idea. He is confident, if there’s a trick to be able to give back the smile to people’s faces, this is the movie : “maybe he should stop just focusing on the box office and on the contrary remember that we all form one world and that we need to go through it together“.

The family before the money ? Not sure that Hollywood agrees !

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