Fast lane or blank cheque

Voie rapide ou chèque en blanc

The government Legault has reason to want to expedite infrastructure projects to revive the economy of Quebec, including at least 40 % of the activities have collapsed with the COVID. But the fact remains that the bill he had filed to get there has the air of a huge blank cheque.

The image is of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who mimed in front of the press the size of a cheque out of the ordinary, worthy of those that we put in the telethons to boost the value.

Quebec is past full employment to an unemployment rate of 13.7 %. There is almost nobody on the roads, and the workforce is available. The window of opportunity is there and we understand the government to press the accelerator to take over the projects of private construction put on the key.

However, in its press briefings, Christian Dubé (photo) has always more or less the air of a charmer of a snake, who skillfully plays the flute to bring out the reptile in the wicker basket.

At the hearing, the draft law lifts the locks of the laws that is supposed to protect the interests of Quebecers, without diminishing environmental protection, or disguise the spirit of the recommendations of the Charbonneau commission, or lead to a rise in construction costs.

Let’s just say it raises doubts !

The paralysis or the open bar

It cannot be denied, as the said François Legault, the projects are very long to set in motion in Quebec. The evidence of zeal and imbécillités bureaucratic have accumulated over the years to the point of becoming an unfortunate trademark maculant the fleurdelysé.

So yes, let’s go !

But nobody wants to choose between a administration, sclerotic, paralyzed by the machine, and a train that is racing, it’s become a bar that is open lending itself open to abuse.

We dare to believe that there was a way for the government to obtain faster permissions for building schools, renovating hospitals, NURSING homes and establishment of homes of seniors without sacrificing too much of the counterweights.

Nothing against the projects

The liberal Gaétan Barrette has had the honesty to admit that the 202 projects targeted by the government Legault, ” all the parties have put in their manifesto “.

They were enrolled for the most part in the Programme québécois des infrastructures (PQI), therefore, already in planning. You can’t claim that they come out of a box of Cracker Jack. But the government would have had to present this bill as soon as the return in chamber two weeks ago, given the urgency of the situation, to avoid a sprint frantic here next Friday.

He has already thirty amendments to its own law, even before the opposition parties do not begin the review, reinforces the perception of precipitation.

Is it really necessary to maintain the state of health emergency for two years ? Why grant immunity from prosecution to the government and the ministers ?

Rather than evoke Duplessis as did the liberal leader Marc Tanguay, it will be necessary that the elected work fast and well, in good faith, to perfect the legislation and to ensure a raise in the most efficient, but better framed as possible.

Thus, the blank check could be transformed into a fast lane smart.


François Legault, CAQ

Voie rapide ou chèque en blanc

We hope that the opposition adjusts the tone in period of crisis, however, the prime minister has demonstrated partisanship unjustified, in response to a legitimate question of Pascal Bérubé on the removal of dams in the region. “He would have wanted to continue to block the Bas-Saint-Laurent, kill the tourism in this corner right here “, he repeated. “Scuse-you” thundered the leader of the parti québecois interim, touched to the heart, before going “this is pathetic” and leave the blue Room.

Sonia LeBel, CAQ

Voie rapide ou chèque en blanc

The previous government had refused to abolish the period of limitation preventing victims to pursue civil their abuser. The minister of Justice tabled the draft law in this sense, after a beautiful collaboration with the representatives of the opposition involved. It embodies a commitment to the CAQ and brings hope to many victims.

Benoit Charette, CAQ

Voie rapide ou chèque en blanc

The minister has made a decision of judo to his vis-à-vis the opposition, who accuse him of not being the guard dog of the environment in the context of the acceleration of infrastructure works. It was also revealed that some of them ask him so insistently, in private, to remove the barriers to construction projects in their district…

Isabelle Charest, the CAQ

Voie rapide ou chèque en blanc

Hard to imagine what will the air games, some sports, possibly, in the respect of safety instructions, but the minister is well out in an announcement of déconfinement that could be case-mouth, and that has been well received by the federations.


Quote of the week

“I have the impression that it has purchased Bombardier three times, there, in the last few decades “

– The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

I exist, me too !

The minister Sylvie D’amours is tired of references to his lack of visibility in the aboriginal issues, for which it is responsible. “This is not because they don’t see me in the media that I am not here. I’m this, no offense to many people. ”

Bite !

The leader of the government, Simon Jolin-Barrette, did not like Ruba Ghazal compares Benoit Charette to be a guard dog has stopped barking for a long time “. “It is unacceptable to treat the minister of the Environment of the dog as it has just done. “

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