Fast & the Furious 9 : Cardi B joined the cast of the film, Keanue Reeves also ?

Fast & Furious 9 : Cardi B rejoint le casting du film, Keanue Reeves aussi ?

Fast & the Furious 9 : Cardi B joined the cast of the film, Keanue Reeves also ?

Surprise last-minute, Fast & Furious 9, which is currently filming in London, will host a new small within the “family” of Dom. Vin Diesel has announced it is Cardi B which has just been added to the cast of the new episode, whose release date is set to may 20, 2020.

Cardi B is she already tired of the world of music despite his recent victory at the Grammy Awards ? The question may arise. While the singer is currently on the poster of the movie Queens (Hustlers in VO), Vin Diesel has announced on his account Instagram that she will also be present at the casting of Fast & Furious 9, expected in 2020 at the cinema.

Cardi B comes out of the muscles for Fast & the Furious

It is not yet known what importance will be the singer in the story, EW speaks, however,”a small role“, thus leaving to assume a simple cameo, but this should not prevent Cardi B to give everything to the screen.

While her outfit revealed in a video posted by Vin Diesel leaves us, in effect, imagine at the center of a few action scenes, well, badass (see below), you can hear him declare : “I’m tired, but I can’t wait. I’m not going to lie to you, I think it will be the best movies“. Promising.

Keanu Reeves to the cast ?

For the record, Chris Morgan – screenwriter of the saga and Hobbs & Shaw, for his part, has confided to Screen Rant that the appearance of Keanu Reeves was also not ruled out : “I asked myself with him and we talked about it. I want it to be part of the universe of Fast for a very long time. We are trying to find… the trick is the more difficult is still to find the time with job time of each and find the best idea. But my true wish is of course to add to the franchise“.

A surprise ? Not at all. Dwayne Johnson had already entrusted to you in the past, Keanu Reeves would have had to be the big bad of the film Hobbs & Shaw. And when we know that the identity of the villain has surprisingly been kept secret at the end of this spin-off, we can logically think that this plan is not yet totally ruled out…

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