“Fat folds prisoner, pigs tribeswoman”: Slepakov harshly lowered fat women never hurt no one

"Жирных складок пленница, свинок соплеменница": Слепаков жестко опустил полных женщин, так еще не обижал никто

Famous Russian humorist, the artist has shared in Instagram with a new verse called “a Conversation with a nutritionist”. In her poetry, Simon made fun of women who are trying to throw extra pounds at the expense of their wealthy spouses.

It is known that the publication contains pictures of the Slepakova with cake in hand and a chili pepper in his mouth.

"Жирных складок пленница, свинок соплеменница": Слепаков жестко опустил полных женщин, так еще не обижал никто

The poem conveys the conversation of wealthy ladies with an experienced nutritionist. The woman complains that despite all efforts, cannot lose weight.

“What’s eating you, girl, Belly owner? Grind the bread as a mill? Throwing pies? — interested in a specialist.

“You, you, grandpa! Age did not eat bread! My whole dimoska – Fresh zucchini,” answers his client.

In the course of conversation it turns out that the woman does not follow the recommendations of a nutritionist, and her daily diet consists of “burgers, pies, rolls, bowl of dumplings and sour cream”.

“But why, girl, You pay me money? Well you can lose weight!” asks nutritionist.

“Well, whatever, grandpa, have a husband, money, the Result is not important to me, the Main thing — process,” — says the woman.

The post was published on may 8, and just a couple of hours has already gathered almost 30 thousand likes and 700 comments in which users have traditionally shared their poetic works.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the famous Russian showman Simon Slepakov excited audience in the network’s provocative poem of Vladimir Lenin, on his birthday (April 22). He drew a parallel between what happened in Russia a hundred years ago and today’s reality, hinting that the country and the world, nothing has changed. Poetry Slepakov posted to Instagram, triggering heated debate on the network.

Recall, the famous comedian spoke about his wife’s infidelity.

As reported Znayu, Slepakov turned to the fans: thanks to everyone who worried about me.

Also Znayu wrote, Seeds Slepakova was taken to the hospital: the doctors said the diagnosis.


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