Fatal Accident: “Loose your phone when you drive”

Accident mortel: «Lâche ton téléphone quand tu conduis»

Although no charges will be brought against the at-fault driver, and the coroner is formal : the death of a father of a family on the bridge of the Island of Orleans, in January 2019, has been caused by a distraction related to cell phone use while driving.

On January 3, 2019, Michel Pilot was returning to his home on the bridge when a delivery truck has “suddenly changed” to go and hit the front of his vehicle.

Stuck in the cabin of his vehicle, the 53 year old man eventually died at the hospital.

Severely injured, the victim was taken to the hospital, where she died.

Not braking

The coroner who investigated the accident, Me Donald Nicole, concludes that the accident is the result of a ” distraction by cell phone “.

According to the investigation, the driver of the delivery truck that was leaving the island of Orleans has ” suddenly deviated from its path to first go into the driver’s side of a first vehicle “.

In spite of this first collision, “the driver of the truck was never pressed on the brakes” and struck the full force of the car of Michel Driver.

Michel Pilot was returning to his home when his vehicle was hit head-on by a delivery truck.

No charge

Although the driver of the truck claims he was not using his cellphone at the time of the accident, the “register of appeals demonstrated that it was in line with a banking service automated in the seconds preceding the collision,” wrote Me Nicole.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has made investigation and has even got to a judge for an extension of the search warrant on the vehicle and the cell phone to try to determine a criminal element in the behavior of the truck driver. However, after several months of analysis, the case was closed without charges being filed.

It was impossible to know if the driver had his cell phone in his hands or if he was using the service hands-free at the time of the accident. “We don’t want to fight “, said Marie-Michèle Driver, the daughter of the victim, stating that the family is grateful for the work of the police.

The residence of the Driver overlooks the entrance of the island of Orleans. Marie-Michèle Pilot had a view of the accident when his father died.


The 21-year-old would rather raise people’s awareness of cell phone use behind the wheel. “If this person had been concentrated on the road, it would have saved a life,” she said.

“It is unremarkable that can save a life. It would have so been able to be avoided. Loose your phone when you drive, “says the one who has lost his” best friend “.

“If your conversation is important, pull over to the shoulder of the road “, also provides for the nursing student.

“I hope it will educate at least one person that[she] didn’t take his phone at the wheel. I am convinced that nobody can live with that, a death on the conscience.”

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