Fatal accident Zaitseva: fresh details. Video

Смертельная авария с Зайцевой: свежие подробности. Видео

In the case of resonant Kharkiv accident surfaced unexpected details of the doctor’s Son, who took too little urine and the blood of a suspect in the Commission of a fatal accident in Kharkiv Elena Zaitseva, is suspected of falsification of results of medeksperts.

It is reported by the Chronicle.info with reference to 7 days.

The thing about it is now considering the same court that the case about the accident in Kharkov, where the SUV Zaitseva year ago hit 12 pedestrians, 6 of whom died.

The consideration of the merits in the case of suspected Zaytseva and Dronova in the Commission of a fatal accident still can not reach to the stage of pleadings.

At the meeting of the court on 20 November on distrust of the results of examinations declared not only the protection of the driver “Taureg” Gennady Dronova, but the party of victims.

They insisted on re-examination with the participation of other experts, however, the judge in the new examination refused.

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