Fatal accidents, violent impacts, excessive speeds, inappropriate behavior…: the scooter, not so gentle mobility

Fatal accidents, violent impacts, excessive speeds, inappropriate behavior...: the scooter, not so gentle mobility

Vitesse excessive, parcours inadapté, casque dans les oreilles… autant de conditions qui augmentent les risques. Midi Libre – Jean-Michel Mart

En l’espace de quatre jours, entre le 19 et 22 mai, trois accidents de trottinette ont fait deux morts et un blessé grave. Une série noire glaçante…

Two deaths, aged 40 and 55, in the space of a week. And a third victim (20 years old) in a coma for eight days who is fighting on his hospital bed to stay alive. This is a dark series that sends chills down your spine. Whether you are a scooter rider or not, by the way.

And which questions this new fashion for motorized personal travel devices (EDPM) which is booming. Like the monowheels, gyropods and other hoverboards that we see traveling all over the city, on and off the cycle paths reserved for them.

Localized injuries to the upper body

Among the most common injuries, craniofacial injuries (head trauma, facial injuries, fractures of the nose, teeth…) and upper limbs, resulting from a fall in front which makes the head, collarbones, arms and forearms very exposed.

Excessive speeds, instability of equipment, road defects, untimely opening of car doors but also behavior unsuitable for the Highway Code, such as driving on sidewalks, running red lights or zigzagging between cars… are all causes of accidents listed with this type of machine.

Multifactorial causes of accidents

Not to mention the lack of safety equipment, such as wearing a helmet, which is not compulsory, and which was lacking for the three Montpellier victims last week.< /p>

Many serious precedents

Multiple trauma to the legs, thorax, head trauma: on the night of September 3 to 4, 2022, a scooter rider in his thirties was the victim of a very serious accident near the town hall, at the intersection of Chemin de Moularès and Rue du Moulin-des-Sept-Cans. The emergency services gave him a cardiac massage and evacuated him to the university hospital with a life-threatening prognosis.

The investigation reveals that he was driving at high speed on a cycle path, that he had not respected the red light, and was wearing headphones on his ears and had a high blood alcohol level.

Although not all scooter accidents have as many circumstances, there have been numerous shocks with serious consequences in Montpellier in recent years, particularly in recent months. On June 17, 2023, life prognosis engaged, once again, for a 50-year-old man victim of a fall, alone involved, around 11:30 p.m. on the avenue de Monsieur-Teste, between the Celleneuve and La Chamberte districts.

A few days earlier, on June 9, another scooter rider was injured in a collision with a tram, near the Jacques-Coeur halls, in Antigone. The CGT Tam union reacts to denounce the lack of awareness among users of scooters and bicycles, particularly when crossing trains. "We work with a knot in our stomach", declared the delegate.

Another point in common concerning the two dramatic fatal accidents which occurred on May 19, the presence, both on avenue Auguste-Broussonnet and on avenue de Toulouse, of ;a lane separation block judged as "very tricky" by users.

Although the investigation could not prove that these “bulges” were at the origin of the falls, due to the lack of video surveillance cameras, we can wonder.

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