Fatal brawl in Vias: 20-year-old suspect indicted for murder and placed in pre-trial detention

Fatal brawl in Vias: 20-year-old suspect indicted for murder and placed in pre-trial detention

The young suspect was placed in police custody in the premises of the research brigade of the Pézenas gendarmerie company. JPA – Midi Libre

Sunday May 19, in Vias, two men came to blows. A 20-year-old killed a 39-year-old man with a stab wound to the left lung. On three occasions, the victim came to bother the suspect while he was having lunch with friends in a village snack bar. The young person was placed in pre-trial detention this Tuesday evening, May 21. He is indicted for murder.

Sunday, May 19, around 8 p.m., firefighters intervened in downtown Vias to try to rescue a 39-year-old man with a significant wound in his chest. nbsp;The man finally died a little later in the fire vehicle despite the care provided. The main suspect is a 20-year-old man who was apprehended by Vias municipal police officers at the scene and taken into custody by soldiers from the Pézenas gendarmerie company. He was unknown to the police and had just created his own plastering company.

"This young man's life is broken"

"This young person's life is broken, confided Me Luc Abratkiewicz who defends the alleged perpetrator. He recognizes the materiality of the facts, but he is a young person with no history, no record who found himself in a situation that he was unable to handle. He expresses deep regret over what he has done."

"This Tuesday afternoon, May 21, the prosecution decided to request the opening of a judicial investigation of the head of murder, confirmed the public prosecutor of Béziers, Raphaël Balland. Before the investigating magistrate, as during his police custody, the accused admitted having stabbed the victim, but only in self-defense. He was indicted by the investigating magistrate on the count of murder (intentional homicide), then placed in pre-trial detention by the judge of freedoms and detention in the early evening."

Facts that take place in three stages

According to our information, the events took place in three stages. This is confirmed by the public prosecutor of Béziers. "The victim first came into contact with the accused who was on the terrace of a snack bar in the city center, provoking a first brawl at the scene. from which the victim left with a bloody face. About 20 minutes later, the victim returned to contact causing a second brawl, then ran after his opponent who fled. Again 20 minutes later, still near the snack bar, a third brawl apparently took place between the two men during which the victim was fatally injured with a knife."

According to witnesses at the scene, who had lunch with the suspect, the young man initially defended himself with a chair to scare away the man who died. The latter would have returned to the charge a moment later, with a knife, and it was the author of the fatal blow who would then have fled before returning with his friends. The victim would then have returned a third time and it was at this time that the fatal blow would have been delivered which perforated the left lung of the victim who, like the suspect, bore traces of blows on the body. Under what circumstances ?

The victim allegedly had a problem with the suspect's father

Still according to our information, a few days earlier, the father of the young person indicted came to help a saleswoman in a business in Vias, who was attacked by the man who died. He had put him to flight by interposing so that the cashier would stop being annoyed. An affront that would not have been tolerated by the victim who attacked the young person this Sunday evening, invoking these facts in front of witnesses.

"The investigations are continuing under the authority of the investigating magistrate with the aim in particular of determining more precisely the course of the facts, the&rsquo the origin of the weapon which has not been found until now, the behavior and motivation of the two protagonists during the different stages of this evening, the nature of their relationships, as well as the ;rsquo;possible intake of alcohol or toxic substances by the victim at the time of the facts, certain witnesses affirming that she was visibly alcoholic", added the prosecutor of the Republic.

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